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Posted by: 13.05.2018

Greetings to you, lovers of Android gadgets (smartphone, tablet). In today's article we will again talk with you about software for devices based on the Android operating system (Android), in this case we will talk about the video player, I will tell you - how to choose the best video player for your gadget, and also give a list of three, in my opinion, quite good and functional tools.

With lightning-fast development of mobile technologies, everything that yesterday seemed impossible, today is becoming commonplace. Well, how could you even imagine, some seven years ago, that the films can be easily and comfortably viewed on a mobile phone (currently referred to as a smartphone).

It is quite logical that for a comfortable viewing of different videos on your gadget (in this case, Android (Android)), you need to install special software on it. You can, of course, use the built-in solution, but, as practice shows, embedded applications are not always the best. Below I will give a few criteria by which I selected a video player for this selection.:

  • Easy to use. Agree that it is much more pleasant to use an application that has an intuitive interface, is not overloaded with various, and sometimes, unnecessary functions. Also, it is desirable that all primary functions be placed in the main application window;
  • Work with various formats and lack of brakes in work. At this point in time, there are a huge number of different video formats, there are dozens of them. Good video player must be able to read, if not all formats, then at least the most popular ones. Also, it is important the lack of brakes when playing video files, regardless of their size;
  • Nice app design. It may seem to many that the video player, in fact, should not have a nice design. But, I hold a different opinion - a good video player, should be of high quality not only inside but also outside, therefore I pay a lot of attention to the design of the application.

So, let's move on to the review, in my opinion, of the most worthy representatives of software tools for playing video files on Android (Android). Under each title, you can find a link by clicking on which you can download the application you like.



Video Player for Android OS - KMPlayer
I have a Windows version of this application installed on my work computer.
I want to say that in terms of functionality and omnivorousness, this application has practically no equal. Relatively recently released Android (Android) version of this tool. Here are just a few of the advantages and capabilities of this player.:

  • Video player supports, simply, a huge number of different video formats. If I list them all, this article will increase by at least 40%;
  • Support for popular codecs;
  • According to the developers, they are currently preparing a good network service, so let's wait, we'll see.

In order to fully appreciate all the advantages and possibilities of the application, you need to download it, and it can be done for free.

VLC for Android


Video Player for Android OS - VLC for Android

Another adaptation of the popular player. At the moment, it's safe to say that this is one of the most popular Android (Android) players for playing video files in various formats. At the moment, the player is in beta testing, which does not prevent him from being a working and functional. Below is a list of features and benefits of the tool.:

  • Nice appearance of the application. As I said above - this is one of the most significant selection criteria;
  • Stable work. Despite the fact that the program is in beta testing, it works stably;
  • Additional features. The program has additional features, including: multi-track, auto-repeat, support for subtitles, etc.

Download the player you can on the link above.



Video Player for Android OS - MoboPlayer
Another better video player for an Android OS device (smartphone, tablet). Many, quite justified, say that this player is the best among all the tools presented. Below are the main features and advantages of the player.:

  • The player supports a large number of different video formats;
  • Support for major subtitle formats;
  • Ability to do sorting videos.

Today, this is all, I hope you have selected the best tool for your Android gadget (smartphone, tablet). Successful use.
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