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Posted by: 29.11.2017

Each owner of a mobile device running Android uses it for shooting. Often there is a need to delete old unwanted photos from your phone in order to free up memory for new ones. In this case, it often happens that the wrong photos are deleted.

In this case, people like him do not need to panic, because accidentally deleted photos on Android can be restored. It should be noted that this process is not the easiest, so some skills in working with mobile devices and PCs will be required.

Using virtual disk

Before recovering deleted photos, it is worth a while to check if they are synchronized with the Photos service from Google at If the owner of a phone or tablet logged into his Google services account and set up automatic synchronization of photos and other data, it is possible that these files are safe and sound in the virtual storage.

In order to have the ability to quickly recover accidentally deleted photos and other important files in the future, it is recommended to store their copies in any cloud storage.

Developer Mode

Debugging by USB

If the virtual disk does not have the right photos, you need to start the procedure for their recovery. To do this, you need a regular personal computer. It should be noted that the easiest way to recover files, after deleting which nothing was recorded on the phone.

Before connecting the phone to the PC on the device, you need to enable USB debugging. To do this, do the following:

  • For Android platforms, 2 version or earlier, select “Settings”, then “Applications”, “Development”, where the item “USB debugging” should be checked.
  • For 3 and 4.1 versions: "Settings", "Options for developers", we note "Debugging via USB".
  • On Android 4.2 and newer versions of “Settings”, “About phone”, “Build number”, clicking on the last item several times until you see the notice “You are in developer mode”.

Having made such settings, the phone connects to the computer and the process itself begins, with which you can restore mistakenly deleted photos and any user data.

Recovery software

You can restore photos on your smartphone and tablet only with the help of special programs, of which there are quite a lot nowadays. All of them are divided into three categories:

  • Free, which can be used without any restrictions;
  • Shareware, which are limited to free use;
  • Paid, which before use you need to buy from the manufacturer.

Which of them to use - everyone decides for himself. Frequently, free applications successfully cope with their functions, but only in the case when nothing was recorded on the media after the photo was deleted. Otherwise, data can be recovered only by paid versions, and even then not always.

List of programs

Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android

Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android - at the moment the most optimal paid tool for Android recovery. There is a free version.

EASEUS Mobisaver for Android Free

EASEUS Mobisaver for Android Free - free program, very similar to the first. Requires Root rights.

Photo Recovery Algorithm

Whatever selected program photo recovery process on the phone (Android) happens in this sequence:

  • The device connects to the computer;
  • The selected program starts;
  • From the list of media displayed by it, the required one is selected;
  • Runs a scan for deleted, damaged and other similar files;
  • Choose from the list the required photo recovery;
  • Wait for the application to finish and save the resulting files.

It should be noted that it is not recommended to save the recovered data to the same media where they were previously.

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    Olesya (30.11.2017 16: 11)

    How to recover deleted photos on android samsung?

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      Andrei (1.12.2017 23: 56)

      It doesn't matter what model you have, even if it is a Lenovo or HTC, if they have an Android OS, then the photo recovery from the internal memory is the same.

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        Kostya (1.12.2017 05: 58)

        and if he writes portable equipment

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    Oleg (1.12.2017 07: 31)

    I accidentally deleted a photo on the android and thought for a long time how to recover the lost, thanks to your article I managed to get them back. Thanks to the author!)

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