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Posted by: 06.08.2018

Free Android gaming apps are released daily. The process of passing the game without making real money is complicated and often significantly limited. Almost all free products for Android OS are annoying ads. There are ways to significantly speed up the passage of the game and refuse to pay for game resources - this is hacking Android games using special applications.

What games on Android can be hacked

Only applications that can work without an internet connection are subject to hacking. Their work files are located directly in the memory of your device, which means you can edit them at will. This procedure can not be called a burglary, since the applications are delivered to you with open source, and what you do on your device is your own business. Do not be afraid of plots from hacker films: you will not be followed by surveillance, you will not break any laws. On many popular sites and forums you can find separate thematic groups:

Important! Games in which work files and data are stored on the manufacturer’s servers (Clash of clans Game of war and the like) are not cracked using the programs specified in the article.

What you need to hack Android games

For most programs used for hacking, Root rights are required. For each device its own method of obtaining them. Root expands the user's capabilities, and most importantly, gives access to editing system files. In the Play Market, you will not find applications to get root, because Rooting must be done from fastboot debug mode or by installing the SuperSU application through the custom loader!

Programs for hacking games on Android without Root rights exist, but have a very limited scope. If you regularly play new games, then getting Root rights will be the first step for hacking.

What else you might need Root rights

In the process of acquaintance with the Android operating system, most users have a desire to optimize the operation of the device. For these cases, you will need Root rights:

  • remove unnecessary embedded applications;
  • installation of third-party modifications and firmware;
  • activation of additional functions, etc.

One of the common examples when Root rights are required is a situation in which you have forgotten a graphic or numeric password to a device. To bypass the protection, you only need to install a small file from the USB flash drive and restart the device. In the absence of Root, you would have to completely reflash the device yourself or in a service center.

Important! Using Root rights and rashly modifying system files can damage the operation of the device.

Principles of hackers

All programs are divided into three groups according to the principles of work.

  1. Editors .apk - These are serious tools designed for editing any applications on Android. In games, they are used to disable advertising, install additional modules and patches, and also change the interface.
  2. Emulators googleplay store - allow you to buy game resources without making real money. This is the easiest way to hack Android games, requiring only the installation of the program and its inclusion.
  3. Numerical Analyzers - a program to identify the changed numerical values ​​and their substitution.

How numeric analyzers work

The first experience with this group of applications may seem difficult, but after the search procedure and the replacement of the necessary game resources once the procedure will forever remain in your memory.

  1. The application indicates the running game and enters the current value of the desired game currency, such as coins or diamonds.
  2. In the game, these resources are spent or earned in the usual way.
  3. The program introduces new indicators. For example, in the first paragraph was 2 000 coins, spent 90, enter the remaining 1 910.
  4. In most cases, the result is 1 or 2, with a large number of results, repeat the procedure.
  5. Enter the desired values, for example 999 999.

Programs for hacking games without Root

The list of programs that work without Root rights is small, but it has worthy developments.

  • APK Editor - is a software package for changing applications based on Android OS. With it, you can easily disable ads or install a third-party patch. Perfect for those who are just tired of annoying ads, and the root of the rights are too complicated.

  • CreeHack - emulator.

  • LeoPlay Card - emulator.

Programs for hacking Android games with Root rights

The list of applications is constantly updated, some of them combine several principles of work. Top 10 hacking software for Android games:

  • Freedom;
  • Youxia;
  • Game Killer;
  • Lucky Patcher;
  • Gamecih;
  • Cheat Engine;
  • Xmod games;
  • Game Guardian;
  • Game spector;
  • SB Game Hacker.

On the open spaces of Google Play, you can find more than one dozen analogs, each of which has its own advantages. Use them for thousands of free games.

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