Word for Android: description and specifications

Posted by: 03.09.2018

Hello everyone, dear fans of mobile devices, well, and, of course, readers of this site. Today I will tell you about the popular program - text editor - Microsoft Word. But, not simple Word, but on the Android operating system. Also I will tell you where this can be downloaded.

So, but first, a few words about the Word program itself. This program is included in the standard software package - Microsoft Office. The office, in addition to the Word application, also includes other useful programs: turn point (program for creating presentations), Excel (program for creating tables). So, it is better to download the entire office package to your device at once, I think, it will not be superfluous.

Well, we turn to the description of the word program from the Microsoft Office suite.


Word for Android

Download in Google Play (Android) - link.

According to the developers themselves, they created the Word program, taking into account that it will be used on a mobile device, which means that the Word office should be fast, light (i.e., overloaded with various unnecessary, on a mobile device, functions).

The program Word, compared with other applications of this kind, provides the most high-quality and convenient work with the text, its creation and editing.

The main advantage is that text documents created on Android will easily open in Word on a regular, stationary computer or other devices on which Word is installed.

Of all the features of the program on Android, I want to highlight the following:

  • The presence of a large number of prepared templates for the design of your document;
  • Since the application is adapted for Android OS, the control buttons are located at the very bottom of the program. Also, the application is adapted to work with one hand;
  • All your favorite tools are available in the usual office Word, there are in the Android version of the program: graphs, charts, headers and footers, and other interesting tools.

I would also like to note the fact that in the Android version it is not only convenient to create documents, but also to read them. To do this, the program provides such a function as - reading mode. This mode allows you to conveniently and comfortably read e-books.

When using cloud storage - for example, OneDrive, you will always have access to documents created on any of your devices, including your Android device.

You can download the application at the link above..

Today I have everything, I hope this article was helpful to you and answered the question you were looking for. If you leave your opinion in the comments to this post, I will be grateful. You can also share this small note in the comments to this post.

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