IPhone fell into the water: what to do and where to go

Posted by: 07.08.2018

The popularity of the iPhone is growing every day. This is due to the fact that the device has proven itself only with the best hand. IPhone is not only high-quality, but also a multifunctional device. Despite its software protection, the iPhone is not protected from water at all. It does not matter if the device is in a shower or in a puddle. What to do if the iPhone 6 fell into the water?

IPhone fell into the water

Influence of liquids on iPhone

What happens to the gadget if it gets water? Of great importance is the level of acidity of the liquid. The lower the performance, the greater the danger for the device substance. The pH of the water is 7, for a smartphone it is not dangerous. To avoid problems, you need to quickly get rid of moisture.

The most dangerous for the iPhone 5 fluids are:

  • Acetic acid: pH = 2.5;
  • Pepsi-Cola: pH = 3;
  • Mineral water: pH = 3;
  • Orange juice: pH = 3.5;
  • Beer drinks: pH from 3.5 to 6 (depends on the variety);
  • Milk: pH = 6.5.

Unfortunately, oxidation is not the only thing that can happen with an 5 iPhone. Water is a great conductor of current. When liquid gets on the motherboard, the device simply closes.

If you drowned the smartphone, you must immediately respond. Otherwise, the device will be impossible to reanimate.

Phone in water - what to do

What to do if the iPhone fell into water or other liquid? It is recommended to calm down, as panic will not lead to anything good. It is important to quickly remove the iPhone 5 from the water. The phone must have been in liquid for less than 10 seconds. If you do not remove the device within 40 seconds, it will be impossible to save.

What to do?

A drowning phone should be immediately disconnected. After that, you must use a screwdriver to remove the battery. It is important to note that it is only possible to unscrew the cover with a Pentalobe screwdriver.

If bubbles have accumulated under the film, it must be removed. When the droplets do not appear, the film does not need to be removed. As for the case, then you need to get rid of it, since moisture can accumulate under it.

Getting rid of moisture

Need to understand what to do if the iPhone fell into the water. After removing from the liquid and turning off, it is necessary to proceed with the drying of the device. First you need to use paper napkins. Such a product absorbs moisture well. Since water could get into the speaker and connectors, you should use a cocktail tube.

wipe your iPhone with a napkin

The next step is to check all moisture indicators. On the iPhone 3GS (4 and 4S) they are located in the headphone hole and the dock connector. As for the iPhone 5 (5S and 6), it has one indicator located in the SIM card slot. If the moisture does not hit the "sensors", then their color will be white. When water enters, the indicator turns red.

Humidity indicators

Changing the color range of the “sensor” means that you can forget about warranty service. When buying a new gadget, you should consider indicators. They allow you to understand whether the device is sunk in front of you or not.

The device should not be turned on for 2-3 days. It is recommended to immediately contact the service center.

Drying tools

If the iPhone got water, you can use folk remedies to get rid of moisture. In fact, there are about 10 ways that make the device dry. It is worth highlighting the rice that best copes with the task.

Dry the iPhone with rice

So, to dry the device, you need to collect rice in a container, and then put an iPhone there. It is important that the croup completely covers the device. The phone will dry out for 24 hours.

In the event that the iPhone 6 (or another model) fell into the water, this method of drying should not be used. Of course, rice will be able to absorb all the moisture, but the minerals and salts remaining on the contacts will react. As a result, the elements will rot.

What not to do

If your iPhone fell into the water, you need to do everything so that the phone does not turn on. Otherwise there may be a closure. To get rid of moisture from a phone that has fallen into a liquid, many people will think about using a hair dryer, as hot air flow will quickly do its job. In fact, this is not worth it. The iPhone has parts that, under the influence of high temperature, begin to melt. After such a drying, the phone will only be thrown away. Before you dry the device, you need to think carefully about whether to do it.

It is forbidden to dry iphone hair dryer

It is strictly not recommended to wrap your gadget in a towel. This method of "drying" will increase the moisture level inside the phone. This means that in a short time, the device will become unusable.

Those who dropped the 5 iPhone into the water do not need to rely on rice. Of course, croup will save the device from moisture, but salts and minerals will damage the microchip. In this case, the rice can be hammered into the slot, which means that the device in any case will have to be disassembled. Not everyone will cope with this task by his own efforts.

What happens to the device

Owners of the popular gadget (who drowned the iPhone), should know what happens to the device after exposure to liquid. First of all, it should be noted that the consequences will begin to appear in a few days (weeks):

  • The phone does not turn on;
  • The screen stops responding to commands;
  • The device turns off during operation.

Impact of Minerals on the iPhone

All this happens after exposure to salts and minerals. If you look at the motherboard through a microscope, you can see:

  • Oxidized contacts;
  • Split connector;
  • Rotting chips.

It is impossible to get rid of such damage yourself. As for the replacement of the motherboard, this pleasure is not cheap. At the same time to find a similar component part is not easy.

Signs of rotting microcircuits

After self-drying or poor-quality repairs in the "garages" the phone can be turned on, but not for long. A week later, changes such as:

  • Fast discharge of the battery;
  • Reducing the sensitivity of the screen several times;
  • The appearance of problems with the Wi-Fi module (the connection is constantly lost);
  • The change in sound level, it can also disappear altogether;
  • It is possible to turn off the device.

If such “symptoms” were noticed, the phone will already be rather difficult and expensive to reanimate. Rarely what experts undertake such work. It will be easier to get a new smartphone.

Do I need to contact the service center

Each person’s phone may fall on the floor or in the water. If the iPhone is completely wet and the liquid gets inside, you will not be able to reanimate the device on your own. It is recommended as soon as possible to go to the service center.

Service center

Before a specialist starts an inspection, it is necessary to tell under what circumstances the phone “got drowned”. Most likely, the drying of parts, and possibly repairs will take at least 3 of the day.

The specialist will have to completely disassemble iPhoneand then examine every detail under the microscope. The remains of moisture are eliminated with the help of a directed air flow. As for salts, they can be removed with a toothbrush and Contact Cleaner.

If the person does not “sink” the iPhone in rice, and immediately go to the service center, in 70% of cases the device will be reanimated. If the “drowned man” was delivered to the “reanimation” a day or after a long stay in the water, you can think about purchasing a new gadget.

Video instruction: what to do when water gets into the iPhone


It is best not to get into such an unpleasant situation. If, however, the iPhone fell into the water, it must be quickly removed from the liquid and then disconnected. To save the gadget, you must immediately go to a specialized center. The faster the device is delivered for diagnostics and repair, the more chances that the device will function normally. You should not spare money, because it is easier to pay 1000 rubles for inspection and drying than to spend several tens of thousands to buy a new iPhone.

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