We select a good antivirus for Apple iOS (iPad and iPhone)

Posted by: 12.04.2018

Greetings to you, the owner of the gadget based on iOS - iPad or iPhone. Today we will touch on a very interesting and important topic, namely, the topic of where to get a good, preferably free, antivirus for iPad and iPhone, in fact, for iOS.

I want to immediately identify one important point - if you haven’t done the Jailbreak procedure with your iPad or iPhone, then you don’t need an antivirus, because your system is protected by internal resources. If, all the same, you’ve done Jailbreak, then you simply need an antivirus, otherwise there may be unpleasant consequences.

All of the below antiviruses for the iOS operating system were selected according to the following criteria:

  • Reliability of protection. Of course, it is difficult to judge from conflicting reviews - whether the proposed antivirus is reliable or not. But, in comparison with other products, the presented troika of programs is, in my opinion, the best;
  • Ease of use. When compiling a collection, I also took into account this parameter. It is always more convenient and more convenient to use a simple and functional application, rather than to understand dozens of complex and unnecessary functions.

So, let's finish with the introductory lyrics, go to the most interesting - to the selection of iOS antiviruses.


Link to the application

Antivirus for iPad - VirusBarrier
Excellent antivirus from the company Integro. This software finds and removes viruses and potentially malware from your iPad or iPhone. Just want to warn fans of freebies - this antivirus is paid. It is worth it in Russian App Store 39 rubles. But, I think, for a good protection of your expensive (in every sense of the word) device, you can donate this “huge” amount. From the advantages of the program I want to note the following:

  • Scanning files received via e-mail;
  • Anti-Virus “can” scan even password-protected, and inaccessible for you, archives;
  • Before visiting any website from your iOS device, “Virus Barrier” will scan it for malicious codes and spyware.

McAfee Mobile Security

Link to the application

Antivirus for iPad - McAfee Mobile Security
Another good antivirus for Apple iOS OSes. According to the developers, a new technology for protecting mobile devices has been implemented in this software, but it is not known what this technology is. From the features of this software tool, I would like to note the following:

  • This protection tool is completely free, which will undoubtedly please fans of freebies and free software;
  • The application supports a large number of languages, however, which is rather a minus than a plus, our native language is not supported by Russian;
  • The app will alert you if your iOS has undergone modification or companion modification.

SecureLine VPN

Link to the application

Antivirus for iPad - SecureLine VPN
The program from the company Avast, I think, an antivirus with a similar name met you on an ordinary personal computer. Just want to note that the link provided above leads to a free version of the antivirus, which will remain free for seven days, then the application will ask for a payment of $ 3 per month or $ 20 per year. Of the benefits I want to note the following:

  • When working through public Wi-Fi networks, encryption of your connection is in progress, making it difficult for hackers to illegally access your iOS device;
  • Anonymous surfing on the Internet.

That's all for today. Now you know where you can get antivirus for iPad or iPhone, and which product to choose is up to you..

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