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Posted by: 13.04.2018

Free books for iPad and iPhoneGreetings to you, dear reader. Today I have made for you an interesting selection of resources on which you can download, and download e-books in ePub format for free. For those who do not know, the ePub format is the native format for mobile devices — iPad tablets and iPhone smartphones — from Apple.

Recently, more and more people are buying an iPad tablet computer or an iPhone smartphone in order to read e-books on it or to study other electronic documents.. There are a very large number of different libraries on the Internet that allow you to download both paid and free e-books.


In this article I made a selection of libraries that provide free books. I selected all libraries from this collection by the following principles.:

  • Available books. I think most fans will agree with me at your leisure that the larger the library size (meaning in terms of the number of e-books available for download), the better. Of all the free libraries, I selected those that have the largest archives;
  • Direct links. One of the most important features of a good library for an iPad or iPhone is the presence of direct links to e-books. If the books are located on free file hosting services, then download these books directly from the iPad or iPhone will not work, for these purposes you will have to use a personal computer and already from it add books to iPad or iphone. Therefore, the presence of direct links - one of the main conditions of selection;
  • Convenient search in books. The site should not only have a convenient and thoughtful structure, have catalogs, collections, etc., but also have a powerful search engine, so that you can quickly and effortlessly find the necessary free books and download them later;
  • Nice, thoughtful design. The more convenient to use the site - the better. It is much more pleasant to use the site, the design of which is thought out and friendly for the end user. Understanding the wilds, obscure buttons and pages is not very pleasant. Therefore, the usability has also been emphasized.

So, we finish the lyrics and go to the selection of sites. I have identified three, in my opinion, the best site, providing books for free. Links to all described in the collection of sites are also provided. I recommend that you follow the suggested links directly from your iPad or iPhone mobile device in order to download the necessary books directly to your gadget.



Website with free books for iPad - FLIBUSTA

A good site with a large number of electronic books that can be downloaded absolutely free. This site is quite popular among users of iPad tablets and iPhone smartphones. Of all the advantages and opportunities of this site, I would like to note the following, in my opinion, the most useful for users:

  • All available books are cataloged alphabetically, allowing you to quickly find the right author or book. Also on the site there is an external search, which undoubtedly simplifies the process of finding the necessary works;
  • There is a good tool on the site called “Community Recommendations”; with this tool you can find books that you will surely like;
  • The service has the opportunity to start your blog, as well as read the blogs of other users of the site, this function allows you to share books and recommendations with each other.

The link to the service is above this text..



Website with free books for iPad - Zone4iphone

Another good library of books in ePub format (iPad and iPhone). From the advantages and opportunities of this free library I will note the following:

  • All books on the site are divided into popular categories, which makes it easy to find the necessary ePub files;
  • Also on the proposed resource there is a search function for books available in the library, this function will allow you to quickly find the book you need in a few minutes;
  • There is a selection of the most popular books on the site. This collection will allow you to quickly find a good book, if you do not know what at this point in time, read.

The link to the library is above..



Website with free books for iPad - JavaBox

This is not so much a library with books as a repository of all kinds of content, which includes the storage of files of books. I recommend using this resource only after you have tried the previous two. The site, a decent archive of electronic books, there is a search for sites and books. But, there are several limitations and not very pleasant moments, namely:

  • Books, in most cases, are packed in a RAR or ZIP archive. In order to unpack this book you need a personal computer with an archiver installed (for example, WinRar);
  • There are a lot of advertising messages on the site, which directly affects the download speed of the site, as well as its usability;
  • But despite all these minor drawbacks, it is on this site that you can find those books that you will not find on other resources.

Link to the site you can see above this text..

Today this is all today, now you have as many as three free libraries for your iPad or iPhone smartphone. If you know other good libraries with books for iPhone and iPad, you can share links to them in the comments to this post.

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