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Posted by: 16.08.2018

If you are the owner of an iPhone from 4s to 6 Plus, and you are concerned that your personal gadget is discharged very quickly, this article will be a great solution for you. The fact is that when properly configured, the iPhone can work without recharging for two or more days, but, unfortunately, very few people believe in it. Below are a few tips, as well as some pretty interesting tricks that will help increase the number of hours of operation of an apple smartphone, so that you will see how your mobile device is discharged much slower.

Cleaning mobile phone

In this case, you should be guided by the rule that a smaller number of various applications on the device reduces the chances that one of these programs will “drain” the iPhone's battery. We need to strive to ensure that the smartphone was nothing unnecessary and superfluous. In addition, if you delete unnecessary applications, then the work on the following tips will be much less.

The simplest option is clean iphone through a special utility called PhoneClean. With its help, you will not only clear the device from debris from applications, but also significantly speed up the functioning of your smartphone by removing system garbage from it. Especially noticeable changes will be owners of smartphones of earlier generations.

Disabling geolocation of unnecessary programs

Today, almost every iPhone application is trying to figure out your location. GPS is one of the main reasons why your iPhone is discharged incredibly fast. To view a complete list of such programs, you must:

  1. First of all, go to the settings of the iPhone.
  2. After that you need to go to the section "Privacy".
  3. Then you need to open the "Service geolocation."

In the list that opens, you can safely turn off everything that you do not need. You can leave geolocation only where you actually use it. For everything else, it's better to turn off the GPS and you will see that the mobile device is no longer discharged so quickly.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that any program can freely access the GPS always in the background, or only during its launch. It is better to install the second option, since the first one provides for tracking the location of the subscriber even with closed programs, and this also leads to the fact that the smartphone is discharged very quickly.

Also, from the bottom of the list there is a tab called “System Services”, where you can turn off almost everything, except for “Calibration of Motility”, “Calibration of the Compass”, “Find iPhone”, and also “Time Zone”.

Remove unwanted notifications

A variety of notifications are very distracting from important processes, and also lead to the fact that the iPhone is rather quickly discharged. To disable them, you need to open the "Settings", then go to the "Notifications", where for all unimportant applications, you need to remove the activation from the item "Allow notifications".

Limit Background Update

A distinctive feature of the iPhone is to update the contents of the programs, even in the closed state, but this is a bad influence on the battery charge of the mobile device. In order to set a restriction on updating second-rate programs, the subscriber needs to open Settings, go to the Basic section, and then go to the Content Update item, where you need to disable everything you don’t need.

Shutting down 3G

If the 3G signal is unstable in your territory of stay, or it is completely absent, it is better to disable this service, since its idle use leads to the fact that the iPhone is rather quickly discharged. You can disconnect in the settings in the section "Cellular communication".

Waiver of Photostream

Photostream is one of the main programs of iCloud, which independently saves new photos in the cloud if the smartphone has Internet connection or Wi-Fi. Quite often it is incredibly convenient, but if it is not really necessary for you, it is better to disable this feature. To do this, the subscriber will need to enter the iPhone settings, open iCloud, and then go to the “Photos” section. Exactly the same can be said about iCloud Media Library. If you do not want to keep all your photographs in the cloud, then you can safely turn off the service.

Smaller games

Games are the most resource-intensive programs, respectively, it is from them that your iPhone is so quickly and rapidly discharged. Refusal of games will not only increase the duration of the iPhone's battery life, but also give you more free time and save money, since not all games are free and available to everyone.

Turn off automatic application downloads

The mentioned service is in the settings, namely in the iTunes Store, App Store. It provides the ability to automatically download using 3G or Wi-Fi a variety of programs, audio materials. At times, this function is quite useful, but most of the time it only quickly discharges a fully charged iPhone, especially in cases when the smartphone tries to download some materials on its own through 3G.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth only when needed

Everything is very easy when services are not used, they need to be turned off. Also, it should be noted that Wi-Fi takes the charge from the iPhone less than 3G. In addition to all the above tips you need to remember the brightness of the iPhone. It should not be constantly at a maximum, since the higher it is, the more it consumes the battery more quickly.

Calibrate smartphone battery

The last step is to pay attention to the calibration of the iPhone's battery. To assist in its implementation can an application called "Battery HD Pro". In addition to the calibration, it will also provide the subscriber with statistics on the use of the battery, so you can easily track all kinds of changes in the iphone's working hours.

Listening to at least half of the above tips, you can immediately see the difference in the duration of the charge. The iPhone's battery is no longer discharged as quickly as before, and it will be enough for a day, two, or even more. Do not be afraid of change and clean your smartphone of all unnecessary, then it will serve you much longer and will delight you with its work, since it is already discharged much more slowly.

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