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Posted by: 16.09.2018

The best reader for iPad and iPhoneGreetings to you, undoubtedly, fans of tablet computers (iPad) and smartphones (iPhone) based on the Apple operating system - iOS (iPad, iPhone). In today's article we will talk with you about programs for viewing reading electronic books on your iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices. Let's try to figure out which is the best. iPhone reader and iPad (iOS).

With the very rapid development of mobile technology and the technology of mobile gadgets, it becomes possible that which some time ago seemed simple and impossible. For example, you can download a whole library of several thousand! E-books into your iPad or iPhone (iOS) and read them in your free time.. So that you can open and read books on your iphone or iPad you need a program - reader.

As I said before - in this article you will find a selection of programs for reading, all the tools were selected according to the following criteria.:

  • Convenience of work. It seems to me that the first thing you need to pay attention to is your close attention, while choosing a good program for reading books is usability. Agree, it is not very pleasant to work or use a program that is difficult for a beginner to understand;
  • Appearance. There is an opinion that the appearance of the program is secondary, i.e. it doesn't matter what the application looks like if it is functional enough. I believe that in addition to the extensive possibilities, the program should have a pleasant appearance and design;
  • The ability to sort books. One of the most useful and useful features of the reader program is the ability to create lists of books, group them alphabetically, by the author, etc.
  • Availability of online libraries. The ability to download your favorite books directly from the application is a very useful, convenient and necessary function;
  • Omnivorous. If the program “can” open a large number of e-book formats, such as: ePub, Fb2, TXT, PDF, DJVU, then this is a good reader for your iOS gadget, be it an iPad or iPhone.

E-book formats

Below I will list and give a brief description of the most popular formats.:

  • ePub - A very popular format of electronic books. ePub is used as a “native” format on iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices;
  • FB2 - The format of electronic books presented in the form of XML documents. FB2 is compatible with almost all devices. FB2 format is a very common format;
  • PDF - the format of books and electronic documents developed by Adobe. Open PDF with special applications;
  • TXT - Standard text format, familiar to many since the days of the first Windows;
  • DJVU - a format that displays text in video of compressed images, usually scanned books are “sewn up” in this format.

So, now let's go to the tools themselves:



Reader for iPad and iPhone - iBooks
Reader, developed by Apple for their own iOS devices. It is considered the most popular program for reading electronic books, many say that this reader is the best. Some features:

  • Pleasant appearance of the application;
  • The ability to create bookshelves, sort the books according to certain parameters;
  • Ability to upload iBooks books Store;
  • The application supports the following formats: PDF, ePub, TXT. The main focus is on the formats: PDF and ePub.

The only, in my opinion, minus application - lack of support for the format FB2.



Reader for iPad and iPhone - Kindle
Well-made program reader. Of all the features of the program, I would like to note the following:

  • Able to read a fairly large number of different formats of e-books, among them: HTML, PDF, ePub, MoBi, DOC, etc.
  • The ability to download books using iTunes;
  • The ability to perform various operations with tact: change the size, font, line spacing, etc.



Reader for iPad and iPhone - SoleDjVu
The program for reading books in DjVu format. In fact, the application is only for reading DjVu and is good, but still I want to mention some features:

  • The ability to bookmark DjVu documents;
  • View DjVu books in two orientations: portrait and landscape;
  • Easy navigation through DjVu files.



Reader for iPad and iPhone - AyReader
Very popular among the Russian-speaking audience, the reader, allowing not only to read books in popular formats (PDF, ePub, FB2), but also to buy the necessary books directly from the application. Also, from features, I will note the following:

  • The program “can” open files in the popular FB2 format, this fact, of course, is good news;
  • Compatible with all iOS devices.

Today, this is all, I hope you figured out which program is the best, you have selected a good reader for yourself, which works with the necessary format of books for you, be it: PDF; ePub, FB2, DjVu or PDF. Your comments on this article are welcome.

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