We are entering DFU mode on the Apple gadget

Posted by: 12.06.2018

DFU mode allows you to restore the iOS operating system on your iPhone or iPad tablet.

How to run DFU mode on iPhone and iPadGreetings to you, dear users of mobile gadgets from Apple - iPhone or iPad. Today I will tell you how to turn on DFU mode on your iPhone or iPad tablet. You may need to enable this mode on your gadget if your device refuses to load the iOS operating system, in general, the DFU mode will help you if your iPhone or iPad simply does not work.

DFU mode allows you to quickly and safely restore your iOS operating system to a healthy state.

Before you start turning on the DFU mode on your iPhone or iPad device, you need to be sure to connect it to a personal computer on which the “fresh” version of iTunes is installed. If you do not have the program, then download and install it right now, you can do it on this page - http://www.apple.com/itunes/

So let's finish the introduction and proceed directly to the launch of the DFU mode.. Do not be afraid, nothing terrible will happen to your device. Many are afraid to launch the DFU mode, simply because they are afraid: “What if I ruin it?”. Do not be afraid, with your iPhone or iPad does not happen, absolutely nothing.

Enter DFU mode

So, we proceed to the most interesting:

  • Take your iPhone or iPad and hold two buttons at the same time: the “Home” button is on the front side of the device and the on / off button of the gadget, located at the top of the Apple device;
  • Keep these buttons pressed for ten seconds;
  • Next, without releasing the “Home” button, you need to release the on / off button;
  • Hold the “Home” button until a message appears on the screen of your personal computer to which your iPhone or iPad is connected, that the device is in recovery mode.

The above instruction is universal for launching DFU mode as on an iPhone smartphone, and on the tablet computer iPad.

Important nuances

If, while performing the above operations, an image of the iTunes logo appeared on the screen of your iPhone’s iPhone or tablet, then you couldn’t enter DFU mode, so I recommend doing the above operation again, until until you succeed.

Today, this is all, I hope you were able to run DFU mode and restored your iOS operating system to working condition.. I would be grateful if you write a comment (if you have any thoughts or additions to the proposed material) to this article. Attention: in order for you to have the opportunity to leave a comment, you need to log in to your Vkontakte account.

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