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Posted by: 17.04.2018

Useful programs for iPad and iPhoneGreetings to you, dear reader, and at the same time the user of mobile gadgets - iPad tablet computers and iPhone mobile smartphones - based on the wonderful iOS operating system. In today's article, we will touch on a very interesting topic, namely, let's talk about useful tools - applications and programs - for your iOS gadget (iPad and iPhone).

I tried to make a selection of TOP-3 useful programs and applications for your iPad tablet computer (2, 3, 4, Mini) or iPhone. I selected all the applications according to the following principles (I tried not to adhere to any particular subject of the program, but to include the most diverse applications in the selection), I tried to choose the best:

  • Usefulness. Naturally, I put this item in the first place, since it is useful applications and programs that are the subject of this material. The usefulness of the iPad program (2, 3, 4, Mini) or iPhone should, of course, be practical, no doubtful features and functions. Perhaps, not all three applications will be useful for someone, but, for example, one or two. But, I am sure that everyone will find programs to their liking.
  • Ease of use. Whether the program (s) is at least a thousand times useful, if it is inconvenient to use, then such applications are not needed. In compiling the compilation, I also paid considerable attention to this item. IPad programs (2, 3, 4, Mini) or iPhone should have an intuitive interface, and be friendly even for a complete beginner and someone not familiar with iOS iPad devices (2, 3, 4, Mini) or iPhone.
  • Design. Agree, it is always pleasant to work with a product that has a pleasant and thoughtful, to the smallest detail, design. Programs and applications are no exception. If the program claims to be useful, then in any case it should have a pleasant appearance and design that is not “on the knee”. I think you will read with me.
  • cost of. For most iPad users (2, 3, 4, Mini) and iPhones - iOS devices, the cost is the decisive factor when choosing a program or application. I can not understand why users of such expensive devices save 30 rubles on the purchase of a good application, choosing a free, but less quality, alternative. When compiling a selection, I also took this moment into account.

So let's not pull and go to the selection. Below the name of the program or application you can find the link leading to this tool in the AppStore. In order to download the program directly to your iOS device iPad (2, 3, 4, Mini) or iPhone, click on the suggested links directly from it.

Fleksy keyboard


Useful program for iPad and iPhone - Fleksy Keyboard

This program on iPad (2, 3, 4, Mini) or iPhone is recognized as the best virtual keyboard for iOS mobile devices iPad (2, 3, 4, Mini) and iPhone. Fleksy Keyboard - is one of the first virtual keyboards on iOS with third-party input technology. With this tool you can easily type large amounts of text on your iPad (2, 3, 4, Mini) or iPhone. Of all the advantages and disadvantages I want to note the following:

  • Allows you to quickly enter text. According to the developers, and the developers always claim a lot, Fleksy Keyboard is the fastest keyboard in the world. Honestly, I also hold this opinion.
  • The keyboard supports "skins". This application is also interesting because it has to change its appearance by downloading and using various themes.
  • Support a large number of different languages. The application supports as many as forty different keyboard layouts. For some, it can be very useful in the work.

This application is paid. Its cost is 33 rubles. But, I think, for those who are really interested in a good and convenient application, this will not be a big and insoluble problem. The link to the application in the AppStore is located above this text..

Kitchen aid kit


Useful software for iPad and iPhone - Kitchen Aid Kit

If you love and know how (although the ability to cook, with this application, goes into the background) to cook, then this iPad app (2, 3, 4, Mini) or iPhone will definitely come in handy for you. This application will allow you to not only easily and quickly cook your favorite dish but also allow you to control the whole process. Of all the wonderful features of the application, I would like to note the following:

  • Beaker. This function will be useful to you if you need to measure exactly the amount of the product for use in the preparation of a particular dish. The measuring cup in this program "is able" to work with thirty types of various products.
  • Converter. Convert volumes, temperatures, measures of scales, etc. As you agree, this is a very convenient function in the household.
  • Automatic calorie. The program will be able to automatically calculate the caloric content of a certain amount of the product selected by you. For those who watch their figure - just an irreplaceable thing.

The application is free. The link to this tool in the AppStore is higher in the text..

Plane Finder Free


The useful program for iPad and iPhone - Plane Finder Free

The program for tracking flights in real time. It will be very useful to those who travel. Of all the undoubted advantages of this program I want to note the following:

  • The program monitors 12 000 flights. Moreover, all flights are displayed in real time, on your gadget screen you can see flying airplanes.
  • Airplane and Flight Data. To find out all the details about the flight and the aircraft just click on it.
  • Application for free. For fans of free programs - another gift. Use.

Today, this is all, I hope you liked my selection from which you learned about useful tools - applications and programs - for your iOS iOS devices (2, 3, 4, Mini) or iPhone. I would appreciate if you leave a comment on this article. To do this, you can use the comment form, from the social network VC, below.

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