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Posted by: 25.01.2018

File Manager for iPhone and iPadGreetings to you, dear user of devices from the company Apple, for example, I have a full set of gadgets from this company, so they are very high quality and easy to use. But, today we are not talking about the exceptional quality of Apple devices, but about how to choose a good file manager for iPhone and iPad..

Why do you actually need a file manager? And what is this? To make it easier for you to understand the principle of how file managers work on iPhones and iPads, let me first give a definition to a file manager, and then give a small example that vividly illustrates the work of this type of program.


File Manager is a program for managing files stored in the device’s memory. In this case, we are talking about iOS devices: iPhone and iPad. By default, in the iOS operating system, you cannot just view files, because the system is closed (that is, with a closed file system) and there will be little use in installing file managers to completely open the file system of your iPhone or iPad, you You can do JailBreak (instructions you can find on the Internet).

I selected all iOS file managers according to the following principles (of course, I selected programs not according to the “finger to the sky” principle, I tried to make the best possible selection by several parameters):

  • Functional - if I put any other indicator on this place, it would be strange. The most important indicator of the quality of a program is its capabilities;
  • Intuitive interface - the program should be so simple that even a novice user of iOS (iPhone, iPad) can use it;
  • Design - although the design is not important for the file managers, I nevertheless included this item in the proposed list, I really care about good, thoughtful and high-quality design.

So let's finish the lyrics and get started, try to find a good file manager for the iPad and iPhone, in general, for iOS.


Download the program

File Manager for iPhone and iPad - iFile

In my opinion, iFile is an excellent file manager, maybe even the best, sorry not free. Download this tool you can link above. The application works on your iPhone and iPad only if there is a JailBreak made on it. The program is installed from Cydia. I would like to highlight some of the advantages of this tool.:

  • Supports a large number of different formats, including some "exotic";
  • Allows you to carry out various operations with files: copy, paste, delete, etc .;
  • It works, directly, on the iPhone itself, by the way: the rest of the programs from the proposed list require installation directly on a personal computer.

As I said above, you can download the application from Cydia at the link above..

iPhone Folders

Download the program

File Manager for iPhone and iPad - iPhone Folders
Another file manager (iOS). Pretty simple and simple file manager, installed on a personal computer, to which you will later connect your iOS device (iPhone or iPad). You can download the link above. Of the features I would like to note the following:

  • The file manager is not built into the Windows Explorer of your Windows operating system, you will agree - it is very convenient;
  • It can work both with JaclBreak (the entire contents of the phone will be displayed), and without it (there will be some restrictions);
  • The program has implemented tooltips that will simplify the work with the application.

You can download this file manager by clicking the link above..


Download the program

File Manager for iPhone and iPad - iExplorer
Another iOS file manager. Like the previous tool, it is installed on your personal computer running the Widows operating system. You can download the program from the official website of the developer, the link is located above. I will note some features of the tool:

  • Pleasant appearance of the program;
  • Support for technology “drag-and-drop”;
  • The ability to make backup copies of your device.

You can download this program by clicking on the link above..

Today, this is all, I hope you picked up the best tool for yourself and could easily download it. I would be grateful if you leave a short comment on this article.

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    Misha (25.01.2018 07: 02)

    Iphone folders, downloaded, downloaded, turn on gives an error associated with itunes and an empty application that just did not do. iExplorer “Operation aborted by timeout” and that's it. Damn, what file manager to still try, really need

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    Misha (27.01.2018 07: 44)

    Thanks for the information. Once I have 10 different applications downloaded and itools and ifunbox, it swings-swings and then just “downloaded” the type, it does not load. Already from different sites I tried, I will try from yours now ... Maybe you will get lucky ...

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