What video format does iPad and iPhone support?

Posted by: 27.02.2018

Video format for iPad and iPhoneGreetings to you, colleagues - owners of wonderful devices based on the iOS operating system, such as the iPhone and iPad. Today we will talk with you on a very interesting topic, namely, let's try to figure out - which iPad video format and the iPhone is “native” and how to make our Apple device read almost all modern video formats.

Every person who buys an iPad or iPhone, one way or another, considers his opportunity, such as watching movies and videos. What will be his chagrin when, after downloading a favorite movie on an iPhone or iPad, he will not be able to open it. No problem. This problem is easily solvable, and both due to additional software, and due to, excellent, free video converter (it has a special video conversion function for Apple devices).

But let's get everything in order.

Apple’s “native” format

Of course, as you can guess, Apple devices have a format that they open without problems, because called “native” format, it is a video format with the extension .mp4, this format is called Mpeg-4. This format is very common, so if you do not want problems with playing videos on your iPhone or iPad, then try to download and download videos in this format.. In addition to the fact that Mpeg-4 technology provides a high degree of file compression, it provides a pretty good picture quality.

Using third-party applications

If you have downloaded a video or movie not in .mp4 format, but in any other, for example .avi, and you really want to watch videos on your iPhone or iPad, you can use additional software - special video players. Below you can find a list of video players that support a large number of different formats.:

AVPlayer HD

Very good player, supports a large number of formats. Link to download the program in the App Store - https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/avplayerhd/id407976815?mt=8.

BUZZ Player HD

Another great player for the iPhone and iPad. It supports even more formats than the previous tool. Link to download the application in the App Store - Download BuzzPlayer.


If for any reason you don’t have any of the above options for opening a video file, you can use the simplest and most versatile one, namely the Apple Video Converter that supports, simply, a huge amount of formats.

So, what is this converter and how to use it? Instructions below:

  • Go to the site - http://www.freemake.com/ru/free_video_converter/ - and download the program (free) Freemake Video Converter;
  • Install and run the program;
  • Click the button “Add video”, located in the upper left corner;
  • We need to choose a video;
  • At the bottom of the program, click on the Apple logo (bitten apple) with the words “To Apple”;
  • In the “Profile” field, select the model of your device;
  • In the field “Save to ...” choose the path to save your video;
  • Click the “Convert” button;

Everything, now you can download the converted video on your iPad or iphone.

Today, this is all, I hope you could open the necessary format of films on your iPad or iPhone. If you have any comments or additions to today's material, you can safely share them in the comments to this post.

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