The standard format for the iPad. What formats does the iPad support?

Posted by: 09.09.2018

Embedded format iPad videos, everything about MPEG4, AVI, MKV. Programs that help you view videos in different formats. Can I view videos in Flash and Full HD format.

Having bought an iPad, almost every user considers this possibility, like watching movies. But, after downloading the first movie, some users get upset and abandon this venture. Why? Because the film does not open and can not view it. You need to figure out which format is suitable for iPad.

IPad video

Video Format

  • MPEG4. This iPad video format is most popular among others. What movies does this format support? Almost all. If you have no desire to download programs, it is better to look for movies that support this particular format. The advantage of this format is a good compression of video and sound, without losing the quality of the image.
  • AVI and MKV. To view videos or movies in these formats, you need to download the program (we'll talk about some of them later). Despite the fact that Apple already has a standard format, there are films that are not in MPEG4 format, but I still want to watch them. Surely many who have tried to download such films have already become familiar with these formats. It is more convenient to use such formats for iPad, because there is no need to search for various converters and compress video to MPEG4.

What programs will allow you to watch videos in AVI and MKV formats?

AVPlayer HD

AVPlayer HD[appbox appstore 407976815]

This player is one of the best video players in the AppStore. This program supports:

  • Videos and movies in size up to 1080Р.
  • AC3, EAC3.
  • Formats: M4V, MP4, MOV.
  • SMI, TXT.

The program is not for nothing is a great success, it copes with its work. Negative reviews are extremely rare.



[appbox appstore 539397400]

It is almost the most functional video player in the App Store. This video player is even slightly better than the previous one, but AVPlayer HD attracts users with its friendliness.

It is better to have both programs at once, because it happens that one of them does not cope. In this case, the second always helps. They do not take up much memory. These video players will be your best helpers.
Is there any other format that the iPad supports?

Apple users often talk about a format like Flash. It is worth paying attention to this format..


Unfortunately, it is impossible to produce video on iPad, if it is in this format. If you can’t upload a video or movie to a website, then the problem is probably that of a Flash video.

There is only one way to solve this problem - download a program that will allow you to watch videos in this format. However, this decision is better to take when absolutely necessary, since Apple does not cooperate with Flash and, most likely, this rule will never change.

A few words about Full HD.

Apple users often wonder if it’s realistic to watch Full HD video (1920 × 1080).

The answer is found: iPad1 (iPad2) will not be able to play video in this format, because the characteristics are weak. Also, the screen size of these iPads is smaller than Full HD format, so it does not make sense to even try to play videos in this format. But the iPad 2 mini (iPad 3; 3 mini; 4) contain stronger features, so they can certainly support this format.

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