How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone?

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Usually, users try to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone when they purchase a new device or just want to share images with friends. In total, 3 can be distinguished as the main way to transfer graphic files from one Apple smartphone to another. It is best to download the AnyTrans application onto your personal computer, but there are other methods. Each of the available methods has its advantages, so that the choice of the user will depend mainly on subjective preferences. If a person is already used to using iCloud, then he may not need other methods.

Transfer photos from one iPhone to another

The reasons why the user wants to transfer photos to another phone may be as follows:

  • iPhone 6 or new iPhone 7 was purchased, but all the photos remained on the previous model;
  • interesting pictures appeared that need to be shared with friends or relatives;
  • it is necessary to save photos somewhere before resetting the phone to factory settings or performing some more complicated manipulations.

When it comes to transferring pictures from one iPhone to another, syncing with iCloud is the most common method. All the gadget owner needs to do is enable My Photo Stream in order to log in to the same Apple ID on both phones. But the problem is that the user and his friends cannot use the same ID. Moreover, a person will not have the opportunity to choose photos that can be shared, and as a result, friends will see all the pictures. Therefore, before transferring photos to another iPhone due to synchronization with iCloud, it is worth trying a simple and fast method with more flexible settings that will allow you to move pictures to a new phone.

The best way to copy

AnyTrans supports transferring more than 24 iOS data types, including Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library and Photo Share photo albums. In addition to transferring images to another iPhone, the program also offers the exchange of images between the phone and the computer. The application will allow you to clone all photos without synchronization with iCloud by simply clicking the mouse button.


While transferring images on both devices will remain intact, so do not worry about losing files. The program works with Windows and Mac operating systems, iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. The list of supported phones includes iPhone 7, 6s, 6, 5s, 5, 5c, 4s and 4. You need to download AnyTrans and install the application on your computer.

To transfer specific photos to another iPhone using this program, you must perform the following steps:

  1. run AnyTrans on your computer (PC or Mac) and connect the smartphone's 2 to it with a USB cable;
  2. go to "Photos" and select the images to be transferred;
  3. Click the "On Device" button to transfer photos to another iPhone.

To transfer all the images to another phone, you need to follow these steps:

  • open the AnyTrans app, select your old iPhone and tap “Content on device”;
  • select a smartphone to which you want to copy data;
  • select the Camera Roll to be transferred and click the Start Transfer button.

The 1 method is ideal when the user wants to transfer several specific photos to another phone, and the 2 option is needed if you need to move all the images without exception. In addition to images, with the help of this program you can move other types of files. In addition to transferring photos between Apple smartphones, the AnyTrans app also supports transferring contacts, text messages, notes, and other iOS files. Information can be transferred to a computer, mobile device and iTunes library. The AnyTrans app is a versatile tool for managing an iOS device that helps organize files and folders.

Copy using iCloud

ICloud Photo Library allows you to synchronize images on all iOS devices. She replaced the traditional features of the Camera Roll and Photo Stream in the “All Photos” section. Pictures can be stored indefinitely and in any quantity. Before starting the procedure of transferring images to another smartphone, you need to understand a few things:

Copy using iCloud

  • Both iPhone devices must be running iOS 8.3 or a newer version;
  • iCloud Photo Library must be enabled on both phones;
  • 2 smartphones must use the same Apple ID;
  • to upload photos you will need to connect to a wireless network;
  • you need to make sure iCloud has enough space to store images.

To transfer images using a cloud service, you need to consistently perform the following actions:

  • go to “Settings”, select “iCloud” and “Photos”;
  • enable the “iCloud photo library” option;
  • select “Optimize iPhone storage”, “Load and save originals”;
  • uploading images to the iCloud library will take some time, after which you can access them from the “All photos” album on your smartphone.

Copy using iTunes

To move pictures to another phone using iTunes, you first need to copy them to your computer and then import them to another iPhone. Mac users can upload a photo from their phone to their computer using a USB cable. You need to launch iPhoto if it doesn’t open automatically and select the images you want to transfer. Then click “Import” or “Import Selected” to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac. In addition to iPhoto, you can also use Preview, Image Capture or Aperture.

Copy using iTunes

Windows users can export photos from the phone to the computer using the autorun feature. To do this, you need to connect your smartphone with a PC using a USB cable. Then click “Import photos and videos”, select a destination and click “Import”. Transfer images to the new iPhone at the expense of the USB cable. You need to start iTunes, if the program does not turn on automatically. Next, click the "Device" button in the upper right corner, select "Photos", "Sync images from an application or folder", "Apply".

If a user imports photos from iPhone to Mac using Apple tools such as iPhoto, or exports pictures from the phone to AutoPlay, then only Camera Roll Photos can be transferred, but the person will fail when trying to copy Photo Stream and Photo Library. When you sync pictures from computer to iPhone, all previous pictures from the album will be deleted.

Video instructions for transferring photos

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