Why is there no network on the iPhone?

Posted by: 10.12.2017

Quite often, owners of iPhones, after changing iOS, repairing a phone or a long period of inactivity, are faced with the problem of the disappearance of the network on the device. Why iPhone does not catch the network? We will tell about it further.

Why is there no network on the iPhone?

Incorrect date and time settings

The most common cause of failure is incorrectly set time, as well as the time zone. Therefore, in the case when the iPhone does not catch the network, first of all, you should look for a discrepancy in the set date and time. If the phone really shows the wrong date, for the appearance of the network will be enough to carry out such simple steps:

  1. You need to connect your smartphone to an active Wi-Fi network.
  2. Enter the phone settings, open the “Basic” section and go to the “Date and time” item.
  3. Set the line “Automatic” to the active position (if the default state is set, you just need to turn it off and then turn it on again).
  4. Reboot iphone.

Airplane mode

In fact, there are a large number of reasons due to which the “apple” phone can search for a network, but not see it. The most common will be discussed below.
If the error “No network” appears, if the date and time settings are correct, do the following:

  1. First of all, you need to turn on, and after a few moments, turn off the "Airplane" mode.
  2. If this does not work, you can simply restart the smartphone.
  3. Also, it is recommended to remove the SIM card to make sure that it is firm and original. In addition, you should look for any mechanical damage on it.
  4. After that, you need to place the SIM card inside the device, turn on / off the “Airplane” mode a couple of times, after which the connection should be resumed.

If these actions did not lead to changes, it is necessary to check the settings of the cellular operator, not forgetting the updates. You need to establish a connection to Wi-Fi, then go to the main settings of the mobile device, open the line “About this device”. Provided that if the smartphone needs to be updated, the OS will automatically issue a request for their installation. If the phone does not have Wi-Fi, iPhone should be connected to iTunes, after which the device should be updated to the latest iOS version.

What to do if there is no network after unlocking?

In most cases, iPhone owners encounter this problem after unblocking it using a program called Ultrasn0w or updating the firmware. Also, a similar problem may appear due to the restoration, updating, activation, or deactivation of a smartphone using the Redsn0w, SAM tool, or after a jailbreak.

You can try to fix the problem "No network" in the iPhone smartphone after the factory unlock using your own IMEI number. In general, such a problem is practically not dangerous if we compare it with notifications about a problem or unsupported SIM card.
Provided that when a notification appears about the absence of a network, it is safe to say that the phone accepts the SIM card, only it does not see either the ordinary network or the Euroset.

The simplest and fastest way, which very often helps to correct the problem, is to reset the network settings. The subscriber should place an unsupported SIM card, go to Settings, then open the General section, go to the Reset section and select Reset Network Settings.
You can also try to conduct back-al and delete all data, but such actions can have a bad impact on the functioning of the device.

What to do if the problem appeared after using the programs SAMPrefs or Redsn0w?

This troubleshooting method provides a positive result in 90% of cases:

  • You need to place the SIM card not AT / Tvnut Iphone and then connect your smartphone to iTunes using a USB cable.
  • After the program determines the phone, you need to run a back-up, and then click "Restore".
  • First, it is better to try to restore the phone without using the Shift / Option buttons. You can also restore a gadget in DFU mode.
  • You need to wait until the recovery process is complete, after which the 2 functions of iTunes will open.
  • Recover from back-up.
  • “Operate iPhone as new” - it is recommended to select this item.
  • Next comes the proposal to pass activation. In this case, you need to use a non-AT / T SIM card and wait for the required signal.

When nothing has helped, you need to continue the search for solutions and repeat all the actions, from the first to the fourth.

Other reasons

Often, customers who have tried to cut the SIM card for a new iPhone become hostage to a mistake, due to which the smartphone is not able to identify the card. To solve this error, you need to order a SIM card from your personal provider.

It so happens that the connected provider does not provide services in that area - as a result of this, the “apple” smartphone knocks out the “no network” error when searching for it. It also happens that the card is simply not activated. In this case, you need to ask for help from the provider.

Often, the “No network” problem is caused by a faulty antenna. Under this condition, you should seek the advice of professionals and preferably the Apple store, where experts will help set up an ordinary network, as well as Euroset.

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