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Posted by: 16.09.2018

How to read books on iPad and iPhoneHello everyone, lovers and users of iPad tablets and smartphones iPhone. In today's article I will tell you how easy it is to throw a book on an iPad, and also tell you what programs you can use to open this book (read). In general, it turned out, such a kind, a guide to reading books on the iPad and iPhone.

I tried to make this material as clear as possible, simple, and also tried to cover all aspects of reading books on the iPad.

Book Formats

First, let's talk about the formats of books for iOS, i.e. for iPad and iPhone gadgets. As you can guess, e-books have many different formats - in general, there are dozens of formats, but I will highlight only a few of the most popular ones. So formats:

  • ePub- considered the “native” format for iOS devices. Opens any reader.
  • PDF - one of the most popular formats of electronic books for almost all mobile devices. The iPad also opens without problems.
  • FB2 - format with which only some programs can work. There are a lot of different libraries with FB2 files in the network.
  • DJVU- Another popular format of electronic books, in fact, this format is a collection of images - most often scanned books.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the programs that will help you open any of these formats (formats) on your iPad gadget..

Programs for reading

In order to read e-books on your mobile device, you need a program to open them. I think this is more than understandable.

Below I gave you a list of programs for reading books, some tools can be downloaded for free.:

Below we will look at two options for downloading books to iPad and iPhone, namely: downloading books from the Internet and adding books through iTunes.

Use of online libraries

The most convenient and fastest way to download an e-book to your iPad or iPhone is to download it from the Internet at special libraries. I will give you two libraries where you can download e-books to your gadget for free. Libraries:

  • - a good archive of e-books in ePub format. In this library, you can pick up and read for yourself the right book.
  • - another huge archive of electronic books. On the site you can download books in FB2 format, as well as read these books online.

To download books you just need to go through one of the two proposed sites, select a book and click the “Download” button..

Download books via iTunes

You can also use iTunes to download books. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Download iTunes and install it. Link to the program -
  • Download the e-book to your computer.
  • Open iTunes and press CTRL + S. Connect your iPad to your computer.
  • In the side menu that opens, select "Books". You will see a list of all downloaded books. Your list is likely to be empty.
  • Transfer the previously downloaded book to this area.

Adding books to iPad

Everything now you will only have to sync your device with your iTunes library, for this, do the following:

  • In the side menu, select your device.
  • Further, in the opened working field, look for the “Synchronize” button and press it.

Now the book will be available from the book reading program downloaded to your iPad.

That's all for today. I would appreciate if you leave a comment to this article..

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