Initial setting of the iPhone

Posted by: 23.03.2018

Each new phone, including the iPhone 5s, 4s, as well as all its other models, require initial configuration. The employees of the service center can do this operation, but for this they will have to pay a rather large amount of money, although the operation is actually not complicated and does not require any special skills and abilities. Setting up the iPhone 5s, 4s and all other models is quite easy, you can do it yourself at home. All you need for this is to be attentive, have the slightest information about using a smartphone and follow the instructions clearly.

Tuning sequence

During the first launch new iphoneBefore you see the iOS desktop on the display, you need to perform its initial setup, which includes the following operations:

  1. The device must be connected to a wireless network (but this is not a requirement).
  2. To enable or disable the geolocation service (this step on the iPhone will not fail to be missed, it will be necessary to make a choice).
  3. Configure iPhone 5s, 4s, as well as its other variations, as new or restore from a backup that was previously saved in iCloud or on a local PC.
  4. The subscriber will also need to enter his personal Apple ID or create a new account (you can skip this step).
  5. After that, you will need to accept the "Terms of Use" (this item is mandatory).
  6. Then you need to create a fingerprint. This can be done via Touch ID, and you also need to set a blocking password (you can configure it a little later).
  7. In addition, you should decide whether to send diagnostic data or not, as well as the operation of Apple.

Initial setting of the iPhone

And now we will consider each item in more detail.

Select Wi-Fi network

Provided that when you stay in the territory where the wireless network operates, you need to connect your iPhone 5s, 4s or another model to a Wi-Fi network. Thanks to this, you will open the possibility of restoring a mobile device from a backup, which is stored in iCloud (this advice will not help if you are using an iPhone for the first time).


This item provides a choice between enabling or disabling the geolocation service, with which the Maps, as well as similar applications, can collect data on the graphic location of the iPhone owner 4s, 5 and other models.

Attention should be paid to the fact that such geolocation services provide the ability to track a stolen or lost gadget in the “Find iPhone” program from another device or using iCloud. Therefore it is better to connect the services in question, it can save your device in the future.

The subscriber can turn on services at any time when he wants. To do this, he needs to go to “Settings”, go there to the “Privacy” section, and then open the “Geolocation Services” item.

In the meantime, disabling these services allows you to extend the operating time of the iPhone from one battery charge. A huge advantage of geolocation services is that they can be disabled only for certain smartphone services.

Setting up a gadget as new or data recovery

The iPhone will continue setting up the screen, where the subscriber will receive offers to set up his iPhone 5s, 4s, or some other model as a new device, or restore from a backup that was previously saved in iCloud or on a local disk.

If the iPhone 4s is new, then restoring from a copy is not relevant to you. Otherwise, this option can be used. You can restore a gadget from a backup even without connecting your phone to a PC (using iCloud).

Apple ID

The next action will prompt the subscriber to set up an Apple ID account. The subscriber has the right to log in under an existing Apple ID (provided that he has previously registered it), or create a new account, but you can also skip this step.

A subscriber can register an Apple ID directly from the iPhone during setup, or later using the program called APP Store, as well as the “iTunes Store, App Store” menu in the settings of the mobile device 5s, 4s, 4, 6, as well as its other versions .

terms of Use

Next, the owner of the new iPhone will need to confirm the agreement with the terms of use, as well as accept the user agreement. If you do not do this, you will not have the opportunity to complete the setup and use the iPhone.

Touch ID and password

With the help of the penultimate setting, the subscriber can create a fingerprint of his finger. This can be done through the Touch ID program (valid only for 5s' iPhones, as well as all future iOS devices with a scanner located in the Home button) and use it to unlock the device, as well as automation in the App Store.

If you fail unlock iphone With the help of a fingerprint, the option to implement this with a password lock will be offered. This item is also not necessary to perform, since you can do all this at any time in the settings of the iPhone.


The last action the subscriber will need to decide on the choice of whether he wants to send diagnostic data to Apple, or else refrain from this operation.

To finally complete the process of setting up a new iPhone, the user needs to click on the “Start work” button. After this step, the initial setup of your iPhone 5s, 4s or its other model is completed.

The moment when you see the desktop on the smartphone’s display indicates that the device is fully operational.

Once again, attention should be paid to the fact that it is not necessary to set all the initial settings immediately after acquiring an iPhone, since this can be done at a later stage of using the mobile device in the Settings menu.

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