How to quickly and quickly open the lid of the iPhone?

Posted by: 20.07.2018

A distinctive feature of the Iphone is the inability to self-disassemble the phone. Even during the presentation of the first "apple" gadget, the manufacturers assured that it was difficult and sometimes impossible to open the back cover of the smartphone at home. In addition, self-disassembling the device leads to a loss of warranty, so if you experience any problems, the service center may refuse to service the phone. However, if you decide to open your own iPhone, you should follow the specific instructions presented below.

Features of the smartphone service

To prepare an iphone for installing a sim card, you must first open the cover of your smartphone. This process is much more complicated than that of any other smartphones. As they say, as far as iPhone phones are perfect in appearance, they are so inconvenient to maintain inside.

In fact, opening the lid of your smartphone yourself is not as difficult as it seems. But the fact that the disassembly of the device requires a certain preparation and a set of tools speaks volumes.

Smartphone disassembly

Before you open the lid of your Iphone you need to prepare a special place to work. This is due to the fact that inside the smartphone is quite fragile and delicate. There should be no wet or wet places nearby, as there should be no dirt, moisture or dust in the iphone switch. It is best to put white thick cardboard, for example, drawing paper, on the table, which will allow you not to lose the smallest details.

To open the cover at the bottom of the Iphone smartphone, unscrew the two screws that are located on the sides of the Lightning connector.

After that, you should smoothly move the back panel up to the characteristic click.

If you need to install a SIM card in your Iphone, then you need to insert it into a special slot. It is worth noting that only cut SIM cards can be installed in iPhone smartphones, so in advance, purchase such a SIM card or visit the point where this is the procedure for trimming a card.

If you need to remove the battery, it is recommended to do this with a small plastic spatula, so as not to damage the device.

After a SIM card has been installed or other events have been held, you can replace the panel and put the lid back on. The process, of course, takes place in the reverse order; at the last stage, the screws are screwed. After that, you can continue to use the smartphone.

Each procedure for disassembling a smartphone should be carried out very carefully, without any extra effort, otherwise you may damage the sensitive internal elements of the device.

As you can see, it is not as easy to remove the cover from a smartphone as on models from other manufacturers. But everyone can do it. It is worth repeating that when working with the Iphone you need to be as careful as possible and never make great efforts.

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