How can I restart the iPhone 7

Posted by: 06.09.2018

Mobile device developers are constantly modifying their products. The same goes for the iPhone 7. In the seventh version of the iPhone, the Home button has ceased to have physical properties. At the moment, the key represents the usual recess in the device. Many users do not notice this substitution, as visually and also to touch everything seems unchanged. When you click on the button, an elastic click occurs, this is achieved due to the presence of the Taptic Engine engine.

how to reboot iphone xnumx

What is the reboot for?

Any device may hang. The same applies to the iPhone 7 version. Of course, iPhone owners rarely encounter this situation. In this case, the device stops responding to all user actions.

Many people do not know how to be in this situation and how restart iphone 7. In fact, there is a 2 way to normalize product performance:

  1. Reboot the standard method.
  2. Hard reboot using a computer.

At first, it is recommended to try to reanimate the iPhone in the standard way, and if the work is not restored, go to the hard method.

Standard reboot

Despite the design change and some functionality, you can restart the device by holding the buttons, as in the old versions. To reboot, you must perform the following steps:

  1. First, the lock button located on the right side of the device is pressed.
  2. Without releasing the first button hold down the volume control, which is located on the left side. It is important to clamp the button, which reduces the volume level.
  3. The buttons should be held until the iPhone's screen turns dark, and then the Apple logo appears.

restart iphone

After 2, the seven will restart, and users can continue working. If you didn’t manage to restart the device from the first time, you don’t need to get upset; it’s enough to repeat the procedure again.

Computer reboot

Sometimes there are cases when it is not possible to reanimate a device by clamping buttons. How, then, to restart the iPhone 7, if the standard method did not help? You can resort to extreme measures. This method restores the device in 99% of cases.

To restart the device using a hard method, users will need a computer and iTunes. To restore the health of the mobile device, you must perform the following steps:

  • Launch iTunes;
  • Connect the device via USB cable to a computer or laptop;
  • As soon as the iPhone is determined in the program, you need to select it;
  • Click on the “Overview” tab;
  • Click on the “Recover iPhone” button;
  • Wait until the mobile device reboots.

restart the seven

Restarting the iPhone 7 plus in this way may even be an inexperienced user. The only drawback of the method is the restoration of the factory settings, but the device is restored even after the occurrence of serious errors.

Video unlock instructions for iPhone 7


When the iPhone hangs, many owners immediately go to the service centers. At the same time they spend not only money, but also their time. The developers have tried to do everything so that even an ordinary user could restore the operation of the mobile device even in case of serious failures.

First you need to try to restart the device with a key combination. You need to restore using a computer only if the first method did not help.

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