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Posted by: 21.08.2018

How to restart an iPad or iPhoneHello, dear user, no, happy (I say, then that I myself am such) owner of an iPad tablet computer or an excellent iPhone smartphone. In today's short article I will tell you how restart iPad or iPhone, and do it as quickly and easily as possible.

In fact, rebooting any device is simply turning it off and then turning it on. The exact same picture with iOS devices. Why, in fact, need to restart the tablet or smartphone? There can be many reasons, for example: you have made any changes in the device settings and in order for the changes you make to take effect you need to restart the device. Or maybe your iPad or iPhone just just hung up, and the best way to freeze it is to reboot.

So, the instruction is how to restart your iPhone or iPad. The instructions below are suitable for all Apple iOS devices, the version of the operating system does not matter.

System reboot process

Follow the steps below to reboot the OS of your device.:

  • To restart, we, or rather you need a button on / off the device. This button is located at the top of your iPhone or iPad. In the screenshot below you can see where you look for this button;
  • IPad on / off button

  • Next, you need to hold down this button (Turn on / off the device) and wait until the slider appears on the screen. In different versions of the OSes, the sliders look different, but the meaning and functions are the same;
  • Move the slider to the right, this action you turn off your device. When the screen goes out - you will understand that the device is turned off;
  • IPad shutdown process

  • Making the final touch. As I said above - any reboot is the process of turning the device on and off. To complete the restart you need to turn on your iPhone or iPad. This is done simply: Press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears - the bitten apple.
  • Turn on iPad

Here is such a simple procedure. Now you know how to restart an iPad or iPhone smartphone, and I dare, hopefully, I kind of contributed. Comments to this, small, instructions are welcome.

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