Connecting Apple devices (iPad, iPhone) to computer

Posted by: 06.05.2018

How to connect iPad or iPhone to computerGreetings. Today we will touch on a seemingly very simple and understandable topic - how to connect an iPad to a computer.

And in principle, not only the iPad, but in general any iOS device, the benefit of the connection methods for all Apple gadgets are the same.

So, there are two ways to connect a device to a computer.:

  • USB cable. The “grandfather's” method, the connection consists in simply connecting an iPad or iPhone to a PC using a standard, supplied USB cable. There is nothing difficult, stuck and went. But, in the advising section, we will look at several modifications of the USB cable, as well, I will tell you, all the same, how to use it correctly;
  • Wi-Fi network. Complicated, but not much, variation of connecting the device to your computer. After the necessary settings, in order to connect the iPad or iPhone to the “peke”, it is enough to turn on the wireless Wi-Fi network, it goes without saying that the Wi-Fi receiver should be on the computer.

We will not rant for a long time, proceed to connect the gadget to the computer.

USB cable

First of all, rummage in the box in which you purchased the device, and find two such devices there:

USB cables for iPhone and iPad
On the left you can watch - the cable itself (sample iPad 1,2,3 and iPhone sample 1,2,3,4), and on the right - the power supply, below is the cable iPad versions 4 (+) and iPhone 5 (+). We throw away (no, not into the window, just disconnect (if they are one) two devices ordered in the picture: cable and power supply, we get a ready-to-use USB cable.

We take our device, look at its “ass” and find a hole there, the higher the version of the device, the neater and less “hole”. Take the cable and, brazenly, insert one end of it into your iPad or iPhone, do it carefully, otherwise you can damage.

Connect the other end of the cable to the computer. After that, the program for managing your gadgets - iTunes should automatically start on your computer. If there is no program on the computer, you can take it right here - link.

Wi-Fi network

We proceed to the next connection option - connecting the device to a computer using a wireless Wi-Fi network. Here everything is a little more complicated than in the first case. Do the following steps.:

  • For the first setup, connect your iPad or iPhone computer with a USB cable;
  • If iTunes doesn't start automatically, you need to start it manually. No iTunes? Download here - link;
  • Select your device in the sidebar (the sidebar is displayed when you press CTRL + S);
  • Go to the “Overview” deposit, go down to the bottom of the page and tick the box next to “Sync via Wi-Fi”.

Sync from device

Now, whenever you want, sync your Apple device, you need to do the following operations:

  • Go to the device settings;
  • Select “Basic”, then “Sync with iTunes via Wi-Fi”;
  • Click the “Sync“ button.

Basic settings in iOS
Enable Wi-Fi sync in iOS
Everything, now you know how connect iPhone to computeras well as the iPad to boot.

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