How to use the iPhone: instructions for owners

Posted by: 12.02.2018

A huge number of iPhone owners use far from all of its capabilities, despite the fact that this smartphone is one of the most simple and easy to use. If you got a new gadget and want to learn more information about its capabilities, this article will help you answer the question of how to use the iPhone in the most appropriate way.

The first launch of the device

After unpacking the box and placing the SIM in the iPhone, you can turn it on. After launching, “iPhone” appears on the display, and then an arrow, which you need to pull, to unlock the screen of the smartphone. First of all, you should choose the language that is most convenient for you to use your mobile device, then select the state and allow the phone to use the location information. Geolocation is not necessary to connect, but because of its deactivation, the use of navigation in map applications will not be available.

That set up a new iPhone, it should be connected to a PC with iTunes open, or connect the phone to any Wi-Fi network. The smartphone will send information about the first power on to Apple, with the result that you will be prompted to configure it using data from a previous device or as new.

If you have not yet had to use services, as well as Apple devices, you will need to create an Apple ID, which acts as an identifier tied to a personal email address, to complete the setup. This code provides the ability to download applications, videos, as well as audio materials from the iTunes store, the use of iCloud, as well as other services of the company. For full operation, the subscriber will need to enter information about a bank card. Otherwise, you can use only free software.

When registering as an Apple ID, you can use any email address you want. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of a password. To think of it very easy and simple it is impossible - the system will reject an unreliable combination. Overly heavy code should not be installed either, since the iPhone requires it to be entered quite often, which takes too much time.

After performing all the above actions, it remains only to confirm the iOS user agreement - this name is the iPhone OS. In addition, you will need to decide whether to use the "cloud" iCloud storage. After this action, the new iPhone is fully operational and in service.


The first thing that is provided to the subscriber’s attention after unlocking the device is a home display with labels of standard applications, namely, mail, phone, browser, etc. Their location can be easily changed, but the removal of such icons is not available. To get into edit mode, a person needs to hold his finger on the label for a half second. The most frequently used applications are best placed in the bottom row displayed on all screens.

Applications can also be grouped into folders, with the result that it becomes much more comfortable to use them. This phenomenon allows you to save space on the display, as well as to organize a huge number of different programs. To create a folder you need to drag one icon to some other. To remove an application, simply click on the cross icon that appears in the icon transfer mode. In addition to various applications on the screen, you can also save various pages from the browser.

If you want to go to the home page, you just need to click on the "home" button, located directly below it. If you scroll to the right or click the button mentioned above, staying on the home page, the screen for searching will appear on the display. By entering a query into the search bar, the subscriber can search for information and materials absolutely among the entire content of the iPhone, look for applications, videos, audio materials and much more. At the very bottom of the list of options proposed at the time of entering a request, there are sections for searching the network or “Wikipedia”.

Another rather important element of the interface to which you should pay attention is the notification panel. It can be seen if you stretch your finger down from the top of the display. In its upper area there are various widgets representing small panels with short data about the upcoming weather, exchange rates, etc. Unnecessary widgets can be easily hidden. To do this, go to "Settings", go to the "Notification Center" section and mark the important widgets that you want to show.

The main option of the center mentioned above is to collect all notifications from various programs. Going there, each subscriber can view their unread messages, mentions, news and much more.

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