Make a screenshot on iOS (iPad and iPhone)

Posted by: 19.09.2018

There are cases when for one reason or another we need to take a screenshot (snapshot) of the screen of our iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad. This is done very simply.

How to take a screenshot on iPad and iPhoneGreetings to you, lovers and happy (happy because Apple gadgets are really very high-quality and good mobile devices, I myself own the iPad and iPhone) owners of electronic devices based on the iOS operating system (iPad and iPhone). In today's article we will talk about a simple, but, sometimes, a very useful feature, namely, how to take a screenshot on the iPhone, iPad, in general, on an electronic Apple iOS device.

You may need a screenshot on an iPad or iPhone for various reasons, for example, you need to urgently take a screen shot and send it to a friend, or take a screenshot of the error to send it to a person who is able to help you with its solution. In general, there are many reasons to create a snapshot of your screen.

Хочется заметить, что в отношении снимков экрана, компания Apple, гораздо демократичнее, чем Google в своем Android. Если вы владелец гаджета на операционной системе Android, то сделать скриншот вы сможете только при наличии четвертой версии операционки или выше, но это так, к слову пришлось.

The instructions below are suitable for all iOS devices except iPod Nano and iPod Classic..

Simple screen creation procedure

So, go to the essence of the article - to create a screen shot on your favorite iOS device - iPhone or iPad. You need to do the following:

  • I would like to immediately notice that creating a screenshot of an arbitrary area on your iPad or iPhone will not work. You can only take a snapshot of the entire screen, then, on a computer, for example using Photoshop, you can crop a screenshot at your discretion;
  • Take the iPhone (iPad) in your left hand, of course, it will be difficult to take an iPad in your hand, but you try. Put your thumb on the “Home” button - a round button in the middle of the bottom panel of the device;
  • Next, to create a screenshot, press the “Home” button (thumb of the left hand, because it is already on this button) and at the same time press the “Enable” button (located at the top of the device);
  • Everything, the screenshot is ready. Now you can find it in the photo gallery of your device. You can edit the screen shot directly on the device itself or throw the picture onto a computer and edit it, for example, I edit screenshots in Adobe Photoshop and advise you.

How to take a screenshot on iPad and iPhone

It's important: there is an opinion that in order for a snapshot to remain to have pop-up elements, you must first press the “Shutdown / Power On” button, then the “Home” button. It seems to me - there is no difference, but still, this information may be useful to you..

That's all for today. I hope you have emphasized useful information on the proposed issue, and you know how to take a picture. Also I will be grateful to you for the comment that you leave under this small material..

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