Sync two iPhones: choose the appropriate option

Posted by: 27.09.2018

There are several options to sync two iPhone phones. Each owner of the American gadget chooses for itself the most suitable and convenient way. In this publication we will talk about the features of each of them.

ICloud sync

Synchronization using this application is considered the most popular option. It allows you to combine two iPhones without any data loss. This uses the cloud service. This feature is available only to those gadgets that work under iOS 5.

To sync two gadgets, you'll need to do the following:

  • a copy is created using iCloud, before that, in the phone settings, you must start the process of copying all data to the service;

  • it is necessary to check the connection of the phone to the network, the copying process and the required time completely depends on the transmission speed;
  • synchronization takes into account the amount of data;
  • when creating a backup, you need to activate a new iPhone (country, language, sometimes geolocation);
  • A window should open where the new IPhone settings are entered, where you need to click "Restore from iCloud copy and enter personal data".

The user simply select the backup and then click "Restore". Next you need to wait for the process of downloading all the data and then restart the gadget. In this case, two devices for transferring data from multimedia files cannot be synchronized. In this case, you need to use iTunes.

ITunes sync

This is perhaps the most famous and old way. In this case, you do not need to work with the cloud service, and to sync two devices, it is enough to use iTunes. The process is as follows:

  • need to download the new version of iTunes;

  • need to download a backup from iphone;

  • then the gadget is disconnected from the computer, the sim card is removed and transferred to another phone;
  • a new phone is launched and the process of restoring all data using iTunes is performed;
  • after that you will need to restart the phone.

In certain cases, the software for iPhone can offer to make special settings for the gadget with already new data. However, in this case it is only necessary to restore the copy.

It is worth noting that you can synchronize gadgets if you have only high-speed connection to the network and when using iTunes or iCloud. Do not forget about the versions of installed iOS. If two phones have different software versions installed, then it is simply impossible to carry out the synchronization process.

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