How to quickly and easily create an Apple ID

Posted by: 21.03.2018

Greetings to you, dear readers and users of Apple devices iPhone and iPad. Today I will tell you how to create an Apple ID, you can create it using various tools: through iTunes (using a card or using a virtual card).

Why you need to register yourself Apple ID - Apple ID? You need an Apple ID in order to download and download free programs for yourself and buy paid applications through the Apple app store — the App Store for your iPhone or iPad. Without Apple ID, you cannot use the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

So, let's go to the instructions on how to register an Apple ID, below you can see three different ways to create an ID for an iPhone or iPad.

Via iTunes

Below you can see and, of course, study the instructions on how to create an ID for yourself. Register (register) via iTunes so:

  • Run the program from Apple - iTunes. If you do not have the program, you can download it from this link -
  • Now log in to the “iTunes Store” (the button in the upper right corner). Can't see the button? Press keys simultaneously - CTRL + SHIFT + H;

Sign in to the iTunes Store

  • Click “Login”;
  • Next, click on the button “Create Apple ID”;

Create Apple ID via iTunes

  • Click the button “Continue”, put the necessary checkboxes, press the button “Accept”;
  • Fill in all the information that you will be offered, and click “Continue”;
  • The next stage is very important - you are offered to enter the data of your plastic payment card. If there is a card, enter its data; if there is no card, do the following:

QIWI Virtual Card Issue

How to get, issue a virtual VISA:

  • Go to the site aggregator QIWI and set up an account. Link to qiwi -
  • After you register with the service, log in to your account;
  • In the menu, click on the link "Maps";

qIWI card menu

  • We get down downward and click on the button “Buy QIWI VISA VIRTUAL”;


  • Enter the number of your mobile phone, be sure to indicate the real number;
  • We pay the card, it costs about 200 rubles;
  • After payment, an SMS with the data will be sent to the indicated mobile number: number (sixteen digits), expiration date, security code.

So, you were able to create a map; now you can enter the data obtained in the previous step into the proposed fields in iTunes. Click ready, all the Apple ID you have successfully created, you can start using it.

Apple ID from the gadget via the App Store

In order to register ID without iTunes, directly from your Apple device (iPhone or iPad):

  • Select on your gadget (iPhone or iPad) app “App Store”;
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Login" button;

Apple ID from the gadget via the App Store

  • Click “Create Apple ID”;
  • Select "Russia" and click the button "Next";
  • Push the button “I accept”;
  • Fill in the proposed fields, click the “Next” button;
  • Choose a model of your card (if you released a virtual one, then choose “VISA”);
  • Enter all data from your card, namely: card number (usually card number consists of sixteen digits and is indicated on the front side of the card, if you issued a virtual card, then you should receive the number in SMS), expiration date and a three-digit security code ;

Apple ID from the gadget via the App Store

  • Press the “Next” button and enjoy - registration is completed.

That's all for today, now you know how to register (create) yourself an identifier for your iPhone or iPad. Do not forget to leave your comments to this small note..

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