Create a folder on the iPhone or iPad for 1 second

Posted by: 18.05.2018

How to restart an iPad or iPhoneI greet you, the owner of a mobile gadget based on Apple iOS operating systems. I, in general, consider this operating system to be the best of all mobile operating systems, forgive me, the owners of Android and Windows Phone devices. In today's article we will discuss with you a simple and, at the same time, a complex topic - I will tell and show you how to create a folder on an iPad or iPhone..

It would seem - what's so complicated? But for those who have never created packs on their iOS gadget, it will be difficult to do this for the first time and it is almost impossible if a person does not know how to create this simple and uncomplicated folder. I, to confirm my words, conducted one experiment: I gave my friend an iPad and asked to create a simple folder. After half an hour of attempts, the folder was not created. He laughed for a long time after I showed him how to do it.

Some features of folders in devices based on iOS OS (iPhone or iPad):

  • Using folders on your iPad or iPhone, it is very convenient to sort files, group applications by topics or other features. Thus, the use of folders will allow you to avoid “cluttering up” the desktop of your device;
  • Folders, like ordinary application icons, can be: moved, deleted and added to other folders. Also, unlike icons, folders can be given arbitrary names;
  • A folder on an iPhone or iPad has a very significant difference from a folder created on an ordinary personal computer: only a limited number of items can be placed in a mobile folder. This item may cause some difficulties when working with folders;
  • Appearance and ease of use of folders - at altitude. IOS designers and developers have tried and made a really useful and necessary tool.

Create a folder

Getting Started Perform all the operations that I have described below in this text.:

  • To begin, you will have to take the most difficult action — turn on your Apple device (iPad or iPhone);
  • Tap the icon (any) on your desktop gadget, do not release your finger until the icons start to swing in different directions;
  • Editing icons in iOS

  • Select one icon and transfer it to another. Just take and carry;
  • After the above action, you should have a folder that you just could create, with two icons inside: the icon that you selected and transferred and the icon to which you transferred the selected icon;
  • Creating a folder in iOS

  • Now you can rename the folder at your discretion. To do this, click on the folder name and rename it, everything is very simple here.

That's all for today. Now you know how to create a folder on your iPhone or iPad. Agree, it is not so difficult. Do not forget to comment on the article, I will be grateful.

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