How to roll back to an earlier version of iOS

Posted by: 16.11.2017

How to return the previous version of iOSHello everyone, dear users of iOS devices - iPad and iPhone. In today's article, I will tell you how you can get back the previous, old version of iOS. Why this may be needed? For example, you have upgraded to a new version of the operating system, you do not like it and you want to return the previous version of iOS. You will not be able to do this using standard methods (you will have to do some manipulations here).

The process of "rollback" to the old version of the iOS operating system is as follows:

  • Select and download from the Internet the version of the iOS operating system you need.
  • Connecting a gadget (iPad or iPhone) to a computer, launch iTunes.
  • Adding the downloaded version of iOS to iTunes, then automatically rolling back the system.

But, before you start restoring the old version of iOS, I want to clarify a few points.:

  • Before work, be sure to backup your iOS device, it will allow you not to lose data in case of a rollback failure.
  • You can not install on your iPhone or iPad is too old versions of iOS, for example, IOS 6 and below. Apple just stopped signing (activating) version data. Perhaps, at the time you read this article, Apple stopped signing and iOS. Before rolling back please take this into account.
  • The rollback process is painless for your iPhone or iPad, even if you cannot successfully roll back, you can always restore your iPhone or iPad. But in any case, you act at your own risk.

So let's start the process of replacing your iOS operating system with an earlier version..

IOS download

First of all, before returning an earlier version, you need to download the version of the operating system that you want to install on your iPhone or iPad. I must say that you can download iOS for free. So, go to the boot process.:

  • Follow this link -
  • In the field “YOUR DEVICE” you need to select the type of your mobile device. For example: iPhone or iPad.
  • Next, in the field “THE MODEL” you need to select the model of your device. For example: iPhone 4s or iPad 2 Wi-Fi.
  • Next, in the field "iOS VERSION" you need to select the version of iOS that you want to install on your iOS gadget.
  • To complete the entire operation, you need to click the Download button, after which the process of loading the operating system will begin.

IOS download

So, after the file with the system has been downloaded to your device, go to the next step.

IOS rollback

Go to the most interesting - to replace iOS with an earlier version. To get iOS back, complete the following steps.:

  • Connect your gadget to a personal computer on which the latest version of iTunes is installed (if there is no program, then you need to install it. You can download it by the link -
  • Launch iTunes.
  • In the side menu (if not visible, press CTRL + S) select your device.
  • In the field that opens, in the “Overview” tab, find the “Update” button.
  • Hold down the Shift key (if you have Windows) or Alt (if you have a Mac) and click on the "Update" button. A window will open in which you need to select the previously downloaded file with the operating system.
  • After all the above steps will begin rolling back iOS version. Usually it does not take much time.

IOS rollback

Today, that's all, I hope this little note helped you, you were able to return the version of iOS that you need..

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