Methods for recovering lost contacts on iPhone

Posted by: 23.02.2018

Sometimes there are situations when contacts from the phone book of your iPhone may disappear. Although there are many variants of this event, from system failure to accidental deletion, you can try to recover them by using the recommendations from this article. This possibility appears due to the fact that in the process of using your smartphone is regularly synchronized with other devices and the cloud.

How to recover deleted contacts on iPhone without someone's help? We will consider in turn three ways by which you can perform the required operation and return important, but lost information. However, first you need to deal with the cause of the disappearance of contact information, because depending on it, you will need to choose a recovery method.


Why contacts can disappear?

There may be several reasons. The most common of these are the following, and it is with them that we will fight:

  • Incorrect PC connection. If you previously synchronized your smartphone with a computer, and decided to connect it again, then in case of an error in reading data, all user information from the gadget may be deleted, since the backup data will be considered as reference data;
  • Incorrect synchronization with the cloud. A similar situation may occur with the cloud update data. Unstable internet connection or other reasons will not allow you to correctly download the contact list from the backup, resulting in a smartphone produces delete contactsby perceiving data from a cloud as true;
  • Account error. If your account was attacked by hackers, or a failure occurred, then when you connect to the network, you can completely or partially delete data, including your contacts;
  • Human factor. Perhaps you yourself mistakenly pressed the wrong button, which resulted in a complete or partial clearing of the memory of your smartphone. The list of data to be deleted, by accident, also included your contacts.

Each of these problems should be solved differently, because backups can be in different places. Consider the three main methods for solving the above problems.

Method one. Using Third-Party Software

In order to restore contacts on the iPhone, you can use programs that allow you to open backup copies of your device, made using a computer and iTunes. The fact. That such a copy is an archive with data that cannot be easily read. Software like Backup Extractor correctly opens these archives, and can even work with damaged copies, which even iTunes itself rejects, and allows you to convert data into a readable form.

Working with the program is very simple. For data recovery, you need to prevent the phone from connecting to the Internet by any available means. After that, run the program, select the location of the backup copy, indicate “Contacts” in the column of the restored information and wait until the process is completed. If backups have always been made regularly. That problems with the restoration should arise. After recovery, be sure to synchronize with the cloud, indicating the memory of the smartphone as the source of the current information so that the contacts are copied again and they are not lost.

contact synchronization

The second way. Extract information from the cloud

Suitable if contacts have been deleted accidentally. How to restore contacts from iCloud, knowing login and password and not using a computer? It should be as soon as possible to prevent the smartphone from synchronizing with the cloud storage, so that he does not have time to delete them in the account. After this, the settings of the gadget should be changed to a ban on synchronization with the cloud, and then connect to the network and return the synchronization permission. The user will be asked if he agrees to upload data from the cloud storage to his device. Agreeing with him, after a few minutes you will see all your contacts in the form in which they were at the time of the last synchronization with your iCloud account.

download file with contacts

The third way. Upload file with iCloud contacts

Perhaps it can be called the simplest of all the listed methods. It will be suitable if you are sure that the backup cloud copy is not damaged and still contains your contacts. For. to get them, just go to the site and enter your account information, that is, the login from Apple ID and password. Once in the interface, go to the contacts menu, and find a subsection that will be called “Export contacts”, or it will be as close as possible to this name.

After selecting this item, you will be downloaded to the hard disk a file containing the entire database of contacts, which is on the cloud on your behalf. This file will only download to your smartphone and run. The copy will unfold within a few seconds, and all contacts will be restored. It is noteworthy that you can use the same method when switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone, since this file is universal and is perceived by all mobile operating systems. Now you know how to restore contacts on the iPhone in almost any situation, having at least some backup copies.

icloud login

How to protect yourself from data loss

As you can see from the above recovery methods, a very important factor is the timely creation of backup copies both on your computer and in the cloud. Technique can always fail, even if it is from the premium price segment. Therefore, you should always reinsure yourself and keep an ace up your sleeve in the form of regular copying of important data. And this concerns not only phone numbers, but also all the information that is important to you personally. You can delete backups only if you have already made more recent ones.

Video instruction for the restoration of contacts on iPhone

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