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Posted by: 11.09.2018

Greetings to you dear users and, undoubtedly, the happy owners of gadgets from Apple - iPad and iPhone. In today's lesson, I will tell you how you can easily and quickly download (download) any movie or films to your mobile iOS device, iPhone or iPad. After you download the desired movie to your device, you can watch it without connecting your iPhone or iPad to the Internet and without using a computer.

And in order to download (download) the movies we like or film, you will not need to connect your device to a personal computer and you will not need iTunes (Of course, downloading movies to an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) is easiest with iTunes). You can download movies or film to your device absolutely free of charge from open sources, that is, from the Internet, and without using a computer. In order to download the necessary movie, more precisely, the file with the movie, we will use a special program to download videos from the Internet. A link to this application can be found below.

So, go directly to the lesson itself. You can also read a video tutorial on this topic..

Video download application

As I said above, in order to download the movies you need to your mobile device you will need a special program. The application in question is called - Video Downloader. I must say that the application can be downloaded (downloaded) for free. You can download the program at this link - Download "Video Downloader Pro".

Attention: I recommend to follow the link offered above in the text directly from that device - iPad or iPhone - to which you want to download (download) the films you need. You can also use a personal computer to download the application.

After the program is downloaded and installed on your gadget, go to download movies. Detailed instructions are below..

Loading movies

In order to properly and without problems download (upload) movies to your Apple mobile device (iPad or iPhone), follow these steps. The process of downloading movies may take you quite a lot of time, depending on the size of the downloaded movie file.:

  • Run the Video Downloader program, which I offered you to download in the previous step. If you have not downloaded the program yet, then I recommend you download it right now.
  • You will open a normal browser. In the field of the address bar, enter the name of the site that offers watching movies online, in my case it is the site GidOnlineKino. On the site, find the films you need and turn it on.
  • How to download a movie on iPad or iPhone

  • After the movie starts playing, tap it (click) on it. After this action you will open a small window in which you need to select the download item.
  • How to download a movie on iPad or iPhone

  • Next, a window will open in which you need to specify the name of the movie (here you can write any text) after this simple operation click on the “Save” button, the process of downloading the movie or movies to your iPad or iPhone will begin.

How to download a movie on iPad or iPhone

After that, the movie you downloaded will be available to the Video Downloader program in the files folder. You can view the downloaded movie in any place, even in the place where there is no access to the Internet..

Today, this is all, I hope you could download the movie you need on your iPad or iPhone. I would be grateful if you take one minute out of your time and leave a comment on this lesson. In order to leave your feedback about this material you can use the comment form below. In order to be able to leave a comment, you need to go through the authorization process (log in to your account) on the social network Vkontakte.

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