What to do if the computer does not see the iPhone or iPad

Posted by: 02.03.2018

The computer does not see the iPhone or iPadHello everyone, dear lovers of iPad tablet computers and iPhones. Today we will touch on a very interesting and serious topic - what to do if the computer is not sees the iPhone. This can happen for a variety of reasons. I tried to describe all these reasons and their solutions in as much detail as possible in this material.

All the reasons described in this article are solved very quickly and simply. But there are problems that cannot be solved without the help of professionals. Sometimes, all the same, it’s better not to self-medicate your iPhone or iPad, but to trust professionals, so as not to make things worse.

So let's move on to possible reasons why a computer doesn't see an iPad or iPhone.

USB cable damage

If you connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer with a USB cable (in 95% of cases this is the case, in other 5% iPads or iPad tablets are connected using Wi-Fi), then if you have any problems with the connection gadget to the computer the reason may be exactly in the usb cable.

If you use your cable for quite a long time - a year or more, the cable can be damaged, usually with long use, the cable roars at the base..
Take a good look at your USB cable used for connect iPhone or iPad to computer, whether it is torn. If the cable is damaged, then the reason for the unsuccessful connection of the gadget to the computer may be exactly that.

The computer does not see the iPhone or iPad

To solve this problem, you can use the following methods.:

  • Buy a new cable - absolutely logical way out of the above situation. The cost of the original USB-cable from Apple is about 2000 rubles.
  • Try to repair cable - before buying a new cable, I recommend that you try to repair the old one. To do this, try, using electrical tape, to restore the integrity of the cable contacts.

Old version of iTunes

I once encountered a similar problem. After connecting my iPhone to the computer, iTunes started up (as usual), but device identification did not occur, access to the smartphone could not be obtained.

After some attempts to fix the problem, it turned out that the old version of iTunes does not support the iOS update, the day before installed on my iPhone. If you have a similar problem, then it is solved very simply.:

Also, the update process can be done much easier: start iTunes, then select “Help” in the menu, then “Updates”. The program will check for updates and, if necessary, download them.

Plug clogged

This is without doubt one of the most popular reasons why your computer does not see the iPhone or iPad tablet computer. You are most likely wearing your gadget (in this case, the iPhone) in your pants pocket.

IPhone entry clogged

Usually in trouser pockets (especially jeans) there is a lot of small garbage that clogs most of the holes in your gadget. I had it with a headphone jack. To solve this problem, you need to do the following simple manipulations:

  • Look carefully at the connector on your iPhone or iPad. If you notice any foreign objects there, try to get rid of them. Attention: do this procedure as carefully as possible so as not to damage any contacts.
  • If there are no foreign objects in the connector, this does not mean that they are not there. Grab the brush and gently clean the connector on your Apple device.

If none of the suggested solutions to the problem helped you, then most likely you have more serious problems, for example:

  • Moisture has entered your gadget.
  • Damage caused by the fall of the device.
  • The power cable of your iPhone or iPad has failed.

With all these options, you cannot solve the problem yourself, and if you try, you are more likely to make it worse, you need to take your gadget to a service center, where it will be examined by professionals.

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