IPhone is warming: what is the reason?

Posted by: 26.05.2018

If the iPhone is hot, it does not mean that there are any problems in it. In some cases, the temperature of the gadget may increase slightly when connecting various functions that consume power. This can be a regular email, Wi-Fi or 3G. Wi-Fi is constantly affected by the temperature of the device, especially when the access point is at a great distance. As a result, the gadget needs more power to connect.

Also, the iPhone 5S, like other models, may heat up during battery charging. If the phone is very hot, it means that the battery is charged and the temperature rises as a result of an increase in charge current. If there is an increase in the temperature of the device without any valid reason, then it only says one thing - the device is broken, and you need to visit a service center to determine the cause.

Malfunctions due to which the smartphone is heated

In certain situations, the smartphone heats up with breakdowns. This mainly occurs in the following cases:

  • Battery failure The battery is lost its capacity, which leads to an increase in energy consumption.
  • Damage to the mechanical type. In most cases, this happens when moisture enters the inside of the case. In such a situation, the smartphone must be turned off, so that the microcircuit does not burn out due to overheating. Then the device should be well dried and visit a specialized center for diagnosing a gadget.
  • Often the iPhone 5S heats up in the process of launching several functions. For example, you are talking, and while the smartphone is charging, the Internet and other applications are running. Performing all the included operations leads to an increase in energy consumption, and the case of the device starts to get very hot. This is not a malfunction, in this case it is only necessary to reduce the number of running processes.
  • With a strong discharge. As a result, the current consumption increases and to avoid such a situation, it is not necessary to discharge the iPhone 5S completely. If the device is completely discharged, then problems can arise not only with a charger that is not designed for high current, but also with the battery itself.
  • Iphone is also heated in cases when the firmware is updated. If the update attempt was unsuccessful, the battery may overheat and quickly discharge.

Also, heating may occur for other reasons. Experts in the service center will tell about this in more detail after the corresponding diagnostics are carried out.

What to do?

When the smartphone heats up in standby mode, it is quite difficult to explain. Often this problem is solved by simply replacing the battery. Software malfunction may occur due to the fact that moisture got into the 5S iPhone and contacts were oxidized.

If there are problems in your phone and it starts to get warm, then you shouldn’t hesitate. It is necessary to find out the cause of the breakdown from specialists and proceed to repair. In some cases, the smartphone can not be repaired due to the fact that the owner used it for a long time when it overheated.

If the phone heats up periodically, the problem will not disappear itself. On the contrary, this situation may lead to even more serious troubles. Therefore, if you notice that in the waiting mode, during charging or talking, the phone overheats, then you need to turn to the masters. Remember that you need to go to a specialist if the iPhone 5S heats up, software malfunctions appear, the phone switches the menu itself, the battery quickly sits down, the phone hangs, there are problems with switching on and so on.

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