Where to find wallpapers on iPhone 7

Posted by: 14.06.2018

The popularity of the iPhone 7 plus is growing every day. Such a device has a number of advantages over other phones. Unfortunately, all iPhones plus look alike. The question arises, how can I personalize the device? It is possible to make a gadget unique with the help of photos and screensavers. You will not be difficult to download your favorite wallpaper for iPhone 7 plus. On the Internet there is a huge amount of resources that distribute original images.

Iphone wallpaper

Wallpaper types

Before personalizing the seventh version of iPhone, it is necessary to sort out what wallpapers are and how to choose them. First of all, remember that the devices have their dimensions:

  • IPhone 7 with an 4,7 inch screen supports pictures in size - 750 on 1334 points;
  • The iPhone 7 plus is equipped with an 5,5 inch screen and supports resolution - 1080 to 1920 pixels.

HD wallpapers

It is important to note that the wallpaper on the iPhone can be divided into groups. Therefore, it is recommended to decide on what principle the screensavers will be chosen. So, the wallpaper can be divided into the following groups:

  • Topics (animals, nature, etc.);
  • Size (depending on screen resolution);
  • Animated and standard wallpaper.

The most high-quality wallpaper on iPhone 7, have the format of Full HD. Small pictures with poor quality will look unnatural. All this will affect prestige. That is why you need to pay attention only to quality topics.

Where to download wallpaper

Before you install a new wallpaper on ios 7, you need to understand where you can download these pictures. In fact, there is a huge amount of resources distributing screensavers that allow you to personalize your device. Despite this, first of all it is recommended to pay attention to trusted sources.

Download free original screensavers on and OS from the App Store. It is worth noting that the developers are trying to do everything so that the same wallpaper can be installed on different versions of the iPhone. Thanks to this, you can use your favorite theme even after changing the device.

In addition to the App Store, you can use such a popular resource as “wallpapershome.ru”. This original “service” allows you to choose a wallpaper for a specific operating system. In addition, there is an opportunity to choose the theme saver.

Another popular English-language resource is “wallpaper.com”. Of course, it is possible to use third-party websites, but do not forget about security. Before downloading the screensaver, you need to familiarize yourself with the comments users. It is also recommended to “listen” to anti-virus systems.

Screensavers often update the App Store, where you can download wallpapers for free. To third-party resources should be transferred only in that case. if the topic or wallpaper of interest was not found on trusted websites.

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