How can I trim video on iPhone

Posted by: 27.08.2018

After shooting, users often want to remove unnecessary details so that the video looks laconic. There are several options for how to trim the video on the iPhone. For this, you can use both built-in functionality and third-party applications.

Crop video on iPhone

The procedure allows you to work with the results of shooting completely autonomously, without connecting the iPhone to a personal computer. The finished file can be immediately sent to a social network or uploaded to a streaming service.

Video change algorithm

Using the built-in functionality means launching the Photo application on a mobile device. In order to carry out the cutting of the video, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Open the application "Photo" on your mobile device. Find a video of interest in the folder "Video".
  2. Enable video and go into edit mode using the "Edit" button. Using the interface with the storyboard, you need to view the video sequence, and then remove the extra scenes by selecting them.
  3. Yellow arrows on the sides of the selected fragment allow you to increase or decrease its length when you click on them.
  4. Save the modified file to the library. To be able to reformat, it is better not to delete the original.

The disadvantage of this method is the limited editing capabilities. You can cut video only from the beginning or from the end. Thus, the elements in the middle of the clip cannot be cleaned up.

List of available applications

Alternatively, you can consider several programs for trimming video with more features than standard software. The most popular currently the following options:


  1. The most widely used video processing app on the App Store is called iMovie. The development of Apple has a high optimization and a large number of settings. Gives the opportunity to cut and glue rollers. There is a built-in processing functionality for sound and visual effects that can be added for more spectacular events. Distributed for a fee and constantly updated.
  2. Clipper Editor has less features than Apple's flagship program. But for everyday use it is quite suitable, since the absence of a large number of settings does not mislead the user. The application allows you to make cutting and move the fragments, changing their location in the final video. The entire video sequence is located on a multi-line desktop, which allows you to quickly view frames, combining them into logical groups. The application is provided free of charge.
  3. Another quality editor is Perfect Video. This is a virtual video editing workshop that can function successfully on a mobile device. Features of the application allow, in addition to standard video operations, also add subtitles, watermark, music and additional visual effects.

The possibilities of mobile editors are practically not inferior to serious programs for professionals, making the process of creating high-quality content accessible to any user. Quickly enough, you can get practical editing skills and delight high-quality videos not only of your friends, but also upload them to the network for everyone to see.

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