Clean up your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod gadget

Posted by: 23.05.2018

Greetings to you, dear readers. Today I’ll tell you how to quickly and safely completely clean (for example, before selling) your Apple mobile gadget: iPhone (iPhone), iPad or iPod. In fact, you can do it very quickly, since Apple has developed all the necessary tools for this.. The process of cleaning your gadget (iPhone (iPhone), iPad or iPod) can occur:

  • If you have a device. Those. This situation is when you, directly, have access (not remote) to your device (iPhone (iPhone), iPad or iPod). In this case, you can completely clear the gadget from the basic settings;
  • You have no devices. In this case, we will use a special remote access service iCloud. Fully erase your gadget (iPhone (iPhone), iPad or iPod) in this case, if the device has an Internet connection.

Attention: in order to clean the iPhone using the described method, it must be “clean”. Those. It should not be jailbreak. If you do not know what a jailbreak is and moreover you did not do it, you can continue to read the proposed instructions.

With device

If the device you have on hand, then do the following:

  • Take your device (iPhone (iPhone), iPad or iPod) and go to “Settings”;
  • Next, go to “General” and select “Reset”. You can see the path in the screenshot below (iPad);
  • IPad settings

  • Now it remains to perform one simple action - select the item - erase content and settings;
  • Wipe iPhone

  • Confirm the steps and enter the password for your Apple ID.

As you can see - it is very easy to clean the Apple gadget. If you do not have a mobile gadget, then proceed to the next section.

You do not have devices

If you don’t have a device — an iPhone (iPhone), iPad, or iPod — then follow these steps:

  • First of all, you need to go to the website and log in to your account (to do this, enter the data from your Apple ID account);
  • ICloud login

  • Next, select "All devices";
  • Next, select the gadget that you want to erase;
  • In the appeared window (on the right) find the button “Erase iPhone” and click it.

Through the application "Find iPhone"

If you do not have access to the gadget that you need to clear or do not have access to a personal computer, from which you can log in to iCloud. You can use the “Find iPhone” application installed on another Apple device of yours (for example, iPad):

  • Go to the application - find the iPhone;
  • In the upper left corner click on the green arrow;
  • Find an iPhone

  • In the list that opens, select iPhone;
  • Find an iPhone

  • Find the button in the lower right corner - erase the iPhone and click it;
  • Erase iphone

  • Confirm the operation.

Today I have everything, I hope you liked the article and you were able to clear your gadget, you can share it on social networks. See you.

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