How to clear history on the iPad in the Safari browser

Posted by: 02.06.2018

Despite the good privacy protection in iOS, sometimes you have to think about how to clear the history on the iPad or iPhone in the Safari browser. There is an 2 way to do this. If you need to erase the entire history of visits, you can go a simple way, but to remove specific pages is already somewhat more difficult.

Clean the Safari story

Clearing the whole story

If you want no one to be able to view the history of your surfing on the Internet, then you can resort to the simplest method of removing it. For this you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Find the application "Settings" on your desktop and tap it.
  2. In the left part of the menu that opens, click on the Safari application.
  3. Click on the button “Clear site history and data”.

Delete cookies

Next, a confirmation window will appear on the screen in which you need to agree with clearing the entire history. By doing this, you can go into the browser and find that all unwanted data has been deleted. The Safari browser will return to its original state, and all information about previous web surfing sessions will be removed.

Delete individual visited sites

Not everyone knows that in Safari there is an opportunity to see the history and delete only some pages. This feature is useful to those who want to quietly get rid of unwanted "trace".

How to view the list of visited pages? First of all, you need to go to the Safari browser and tap the book icon on its bottom panel. Then you should go to the “History” tab, where sites that were recently opened on the current account are stored. All you need is to view the list and delete unwanted pages by swiping them from right to left. In the same way, you can delete sites from the “readable” list, which will become unavailable at once on all devices associated with this account.

Remove visited sites

To avoid having to think about how to delete the history of visiting sites each time, you can use private mode. To go to it, you must:

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Tap on the “+” icon in the toolbar to open a new tab.
  3. Click on the "Private" button.

After that, the screen will offer you not to close the already opened tabs, and the new one will start in private mode. The same function can be found on other browsers. Most often, it is called "incognito mode."

A similar effect can be achieved with privacy settings. To prevent history from being saved, you need to select the option “Accept cookies” and set the value to “never”. But keep in mind that such an action can significantly increase traffic consumption, because already visited pages will be downloaded again from the Internet, and not loaded from the device’s memory.

Video instruction: clear the history of Safari

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