How does high-quality memory cleaning in your iPhone

Posted by: 13.01.2018

Undoubtedly, the memory on the iPhone 5s, as well as on other phones is one of the most expensive resources. Today, people often use their smartphones and lose their precious memory.

Unfortunately, it is not infinite and ends quickly. Often, in order to free up as much memory as possible, they infringe upon their interests.. That is, remove video, music, many programs.

But what to do if even in this situation there is not enough memory, and all the programs that remain are necessary for work or study. In this article we will try to describe in detail all the ways to clean the memory.

Ways to clear memory

Before you implement the description of the method for clear memory on iphone 5s, we will call these methods. So, the three most common ways:

  • Cleaning the cache in the phone settings;
  • Delete all unnecessary in the same settings;
  • The implementation of these procedures through another common program in the iPhone.

Now you can safely proceed to the description of each method..

Method # 1

In that case, if you use the Internet quite often, you need to clear the cache, because it gradually becomes clogged with such loads. You can carry out this process yourself in a fairly short time. To carry out this process, you can go to the settings of the iPhone 5s. Going to the settings, you need to find a specific item called "Safari" and click "Delete all files."

How to clean the memory in the iPhone

There are also such cases when the owner of the phone is quite actively communicating via SMS. In such cases, you can delete the history of these conversations.. But this can be done if there is nothing valuable and very important there.

Many people carry out such processes using a program that is not licensed. They use it to dig through all the files and systems of your phone. But experts do not advise using this method.

Many people who used such a program until a certain time, say that at one point, all the programs that were very necessary were removed. As a result, I had to completely reinstall the iPhone.

Method # 2

This method is the removal of those applications that are not needed, but for some reason are stored by the 5s wifi. After all, as a rule, many people who own such a phone have a large number of games and other applications. In fact, many applications and games get bored quickly enough and others are downloaded.

But a lot of people think that maybe they will like those games again. Moreover, such people often do not have information on how much memory such applications occupy on their device. It is necessary to learn to own information, only then they will be able to competently use their phone in the necessary for them needs.

In order to see how much each application weighs, you just need to go into the phone settings, and then go to the statistics.

Method # 3

This method cleans unnecessary files through a special licensed program for iPhone - Phoneclean. This program in translation from English is called “Cleaning”. Using this software, you can free up a lot of gigabytes on your mobile device in a fairly short time. This program is free.


When you run the program for the first time, it will offer to analyze your system on the phone. This process will take a few minutes, but worth it. Moreover, when the analysis of the phone ends, the program will give you information.

This information will talk about how much memory you can free up. There will also be programs that can be removed and so on. Then you press the corresponding button, and the program itself removes all unnecessary.

Most people free up about half of their memory when they first use the program. Reviews of this program are quite good and attractive.. Today it is the best way to clear your memory. That's all, after reading this article, you learned how you can easily and quickly clean the memory on the phone and do not remove what you need.

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