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Posted by: 24.05.2018

IPhone, like any other electronic device, can sometimes hang, give out software failures or fail due to technical damage. The first thing that interests any user in such situations is the question of how the iPhone is reset.. But not every subscriber knows that there are several solutions to the problem under consideration, which must be chosen based on the conditions of a gadget malfunction.

First, the option will be considered when the iPhone functions perfectly, completely reacts to any touches of the display, responds correctly to the tasks assigned to the Home keys, as well as to Power, but you need to restart it in normal mode.

Reboot the device in normal mode

To do the restart procedure, provided that the gadget is functioning absolutely normally, is in normal mode, its owner will need:

  1. First of all, press the on / off button of the gadget and hold it until the moment when the huge “Turn off” buttons and “Cancel” buttons appear on the screen. Reboot iPhone correctly

  2. Then you need to touch the display of the device in the left area of ​​the red color button "Turn off", then, without taking away your finger from the phone, hold on the button to its right area. Such a movement is called "Swipe." Due to the operations done, the smartphone will start to turn off.
  3. After that, the subscriber needs to wait until the display is fully redeemed, and then click on the “Power” button. On the phone, the Apple logo will light up, respectively, the phone will start to turn on in normal mode.

Forced restart of the apple smartphone

Sometimes it happens that the apple device “freezes”, stops responding to any touches, as well as clicks of mechanical control buttons. Under these conditions, the phone can be forced to restart, you must perform the following steps:

  1. First, you need to simultaneously press and hold in this position the "Home" and "Power" buttons for 10 seconds. Due to this action, the gadget will completely go out.
  2. To restart the device, sometimes it is enough just to release the buttons mentioned above. If after this inclusion did not occur, you must briefly click on the power button. The device will start to turn on in normal mode.

The considered method provides the ability to force the phone to restart when a software failure occurs. It is best not to abuse this method, but to apply it only when absolutely necessary, when there is no other way out, and other options do not help.

The third, as well as the latest version of restarting the device will help only with the normal functioning of the iPhone, when the touch screen responds to all touches, and the device properly performs the tasks, but the off key is out of order.

Restarting the phone without a button

You can easily control apple smartphones even without using mechanical control keys. The developers have foreseen all sorts of malfunction situations of the smartphone, so in case of failure of such a mechanical button, I created a program that allows you to perform all the procedures for which it was responsible. This can be done quite easily using ordinary movements.

In order to activate the absolute control of the smartphone through touching the display, you need to run a program called “Assistive Touch”. The mentioned service provides the ability to flexibly adjust the device control with the help of familiar movements, thereby fully replacing the mechanical control buttons.

How to activate Assistive Touch

  1. The first step is to go to “Settings”, open “Basic” and visit the “Universal Access” category.
  2. After that, you need to scroll through the opened page to its end and in the group “Physiology and Motility” click on the line “Assistive Touch”.
  3. Then, in the presented window, the subscriber needs to switch the slider to activate the function in question into the “Enabled” state, as a result of which an almost transparent button appears on the phone’s display.
  4. The last action you need to touch this translucent key, after which the subscriber on the smartphone display will be offered a window with all the features of this function.

Reboot the gadget through the function "Assistive Touch"

To reboot the apple device using the program in question, you must perform the following steps sequentially:

  1. First of all, you need to click on the icon of the menu of the mentioned function.
  2. Then among the menu "Assistive Touch" should find the icon "Apparatus" and click on it. And only then you need to hold a long press on the "Screen Lock", and then you need to wait for the appearance of the keys "Turn off" and "Cancel".
  3. Subsequent actions are absolutely similar to the steps that are taken when turning off the iPhone in normal mode. That is, it is necessary to make a movement to the right on the “Shut down” button. The device will start to turn off.
  4. To restart the device when a mechanical power button malfunctions, it simply needs to be connected via a USB cable to a personal computer. Due to this action, the phone will start up normally.

These methods allow you to completely disable or restart the iPhone from any state, in normal mode, when the device is frozen, or the power button is out of order.

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