Have for iPhone - how to check?

Posted by: 05.01.2018

Apple has assigned a special number to each of its smartphones - the so-called “Have”. This allows you to check the device before buying for its authenticity. In other words, the Imei code allows you to make sure that the iPhone you purchase is original and you really pay money for real American-made products. So, how to check it on iPhone?

What does the check give?

Check Imei each iPhone allows you to find useful information on any original device. This process is completely free and does not take much time. The owner of the gadget is enough to enter the number on a specialized service, and he will be able to find out:

  • a detailed description of the device itself;
  • smartphone locked or not;
  • country of production;
  • conformity of packaging and products inside;
  • Apple warranty status and activation status;
  • iPhone locked or not.

Such a service will be useful if you buy a smartphone or need to unlock it.

How does the service work?

To check your iPhone, the owner of the gadget must go to special page Apple's official website. There will be a simple form where Imei code is entered. After a short check, the system will give the user all the necessary information. This will make sure that the phone is original and you are not trying to cheat.

We remind you that you can see the Phone Code in the Settings menu or on the back panel of the device itself.

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