Recovery Mode on Apple Mobile Devices

Posted by: 01.01.2018

Each owner of a smartphone from Apple sooner or later faces the difficulty of the normal loading of the device, if at all - when it does not occur. Failure may occur after an unsuccessful system update, application installation, etc. Emergency System Recovery Mod - i.e. literally, recovery mode - allows you to troubleshoot any problems with the iPhone, if their reason lies in a software failure, and not in technical problems.

The recovery mode allows you to check and instantly fix any software malfunctions of your iPhone..

Iphone recovery mode

The second destination is ios update on iphone to the new version. When you receive information that it is possible to update the software for the finalized - the process also passes through this mode.

Before contacting the service center, or to the master, try to restart or upgrade the system yourself. you will need the gadget itself, a PC (it does not matter the type of operating system, Mac, Windows, Linux) and a USB cable to connect them.

Often, the system itself launches Recovery Mod - a recovery mode, if, when connected to a computer, iTunes detects any problems or file corruption.. Then you just need to confirm the action, or choose upgird if it is available at this moment.

In the recovery process, the entire file system is checked for integrity, but all content, settings, passwords, etc. reset to zero. During the upgrade settings are saved.

How to log in?

Important: you can enter any portable Apple multimedia device using this standard pattern..

  • We connect the branded cable to the computer, ignoring the connection to the gadget.
  • Turn off the iPhone: at the moment when the cable enters the connector, the device should not show signs of life.
  • At the same time we perform: clamping the Home button (central round, located under the display) and connecting the cable to the iPhone. We press until the device can not display the inscription iTunes with the image of the logo and USB-cable. Only then can you release the button. Such a layout on the screen means that you have entered recovery mode.
  • Next, you should run iTunes on your computer if it was unable to display it automatically. In the program itself, you need to choose one of two available options. that we talked about - firmware (upgrade version) or recovery mode.

Iphone recovery mode

Important: you can use this mode only if your iPhone has an official unlocked firmware, in other words - the system is unlocked (Factory Unlocked).

How to remove the phone from the Recovery Mod

It is important to know that often the system itself enters recovery mode, but sometimes you need to bring it out.

IPhone can be displayed in two proven ways and one for an emergency.:

  • When you see the image of the cable and logo on the screen - restart the gadget, holding down both the Home and On / Off buttons (located at the top, on the cut of the case). You need to keep from 10 to 15 seconds. The final stage is to press the power button again.
  • When the first method did not work, it means that the system automatically switched to another mode - Recovery Loop, and only special software like TinyUmbrella, iReb or RecBoot will help you remove the gadget from it.
  • This is an extreme method, since it entails the loss of absolutely all data on the device, and settings, and files, and passwords, etc. It involves restoring the system to Aytyuns when the operating system is overwritten. Attention! All data will be lost.

Iphone recovery mode
If none of the above methods helped to remove the device from the Recovery Mod - you should immediately contact a professional repairman.

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