How can I listen to music on an iPhone through VK?

Posted by: 23.06.2018

After Apple banned the distribution of unlicensed content, the options on how to listen to music on an iPhone through VC have become less. The audio recording section has been removed from the functionality of the mobile application, so alternative methods should be used to access the file library. The problem is aggravated by the fact that many users use the social network exclusively for listening to the music base.

Select applications to listen to music

Categories of available applications

There are several program groups for launching tracks using a phone:

  1. Applications from the Apple Store. There is no single program, you need to look at what is in the tops of downloads in the “Music VC” search category. Due to the ban on pirated content, programs from the store disappear, but new ones immediately appear. Therefore, you can download and use the software in the current mode, as long as the application is supported by developers.
  2. The official app Vkontakte. If you type in the search box "", upon request, the browser will open the mobile version of the site. Then you can get through it to your page and turn on music from the VC.
  3. Programs from third-party developers who did not hit the Apple store. Applications such as: Musi VK, Ultimate Music VK, etc. To install them, you need to download the distribution, and then allow use on the device. To do this, select the "Trust" item in the "Device Management" menu.

Musi VK

These programs can be both paid and free. Also known distribution scheme is a trial period, when after a certain time the application stops running and requires payment to continue its work.

Alternative to installing software

If there is no possibility or desire to install additional software, there are the following options:

VK App

  1. You can use access using a browser, not through a client application. In this case, the audio recording button will be visible to the user. But the stability of such a way how to listen to music in the VC is significantly lower.
  2. To listen to the tracks when there is no access to the network, you can download the music base into the memory of the mobile device using a personal computer. For this there are special programs, such as Cool Player. The application will convert the database of tracks from the VK page first to a folder on the computer’s disk. Then the files can be transferred to the phone and play them at any time.
  3. A good, though paid, alternative is to use music streaming services from a social network developer. Programs like VK App and VKontakte for iPad allow you to comfortably listen to your favorite music without technical difficulties.

There are many ways to listen to VC music on an iPhone. The options described are also suitable for tablets from Apple.

Video review: we start music through VK

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