Change your Apple ID password. Instruction

Posted by: 25.02.2018

Hello everyone, dear readers. In today's, undoubtedly, useful material - how can I change my password from an Apple ID account. Make it very easy.

I recommend that you regularly change the password for your Apple account. Especially if you have a bank credit card attached to this Apple ID. If you don’t regularly change your password, you risk simply giving attackers access to your card. Be attentive and careful.

So let's start changing the password. I just want to warn you that in order to change your password you need to know your username and current password. If you do not know your current password, then you need to recover apple password ID. This is a completely different instruction.

How to change password

You can change your Apple ID password directly from your personal computer.. Just follow the instructions below. Let's start:

  • The first thing you need to go to the site And in the proposed fields enter your data, namely, username and password;
  • Apple ID password change

  • Next you need to click on the “Change Password” link in the “Security” field. After this simple operation, you will be redirected to the password change page;
  • Now you have to do another simple operation to fully confirm your identity - you need to answer two control questions, answers to which, by and large, only you know;
  • Apple ID password change

  • Click “Continue”, in the appeared window enter your new password and confirm the operation. All password for your Apple ID account has been successfully changed.
  • Apple ID password change

How to come up with a strong password

Do not forget that the complexity of the password on your account will make it more difficult for attackers to access your account, which means access to your credit card. Always create complex passwords and always keep them in a safe place.

So, how to come up with a strong password:

  • Do not use simple passwords associated with your dates: for example, a birthday or a name day. Such passwords are first in line for brute force. So be careful;
  • Do not use passwords associated with your name or nickname. For example, the password IvanIvanov will not be a very successful security solution;
  • Do not use short passwords. I think everything is clear here; the longer the password, the harder it is to crack;
  • When creating a password, use both numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters. If the computer will crack such a password by a simple brute force, then it will take him more than one year.

I also do not recommend that you give the password to third parties. You never know what a person would think: climb around your akkant or buy an expensive game for your money.

Today I have everything, I hope you could easily identify your password from Apple ID. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments to this entry. Also, do not forget to share these materials in their accounts in social networks.. See you.

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