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Posted by: 24.11.2017

Hello everyone, dear readers. In today's post, I’ll tell you how you can quickly remove iCloud from your Apple mobile device: iPhone from 4s, iPad, iPod. Before we begin our lesson, I would like to say a few words about what aiklaud is (iCloud), what it is used for and why it should be deleted.

Aiclaud (iCloud) is a service developed by Apple for users from mobile gadgets: smartphones - iPhones and iPad tablet computers, as well as from devices based on Mac and Windows operating systems.

Delete iCloud usually in order to sell your Apple mobile gadget. If you do not delete the account, then the subsequent owner of the smartphone or tablet will be able to access your files.

In addition to cloud storage, this service provides services such as: mail, tool - find iphonefind my friends. Also, this service will allow you to synchronize the device’s library (iPhone from 4s, iPad, iPod) iTunes with the cloud storage.

So let's go directly to the lesson itself. Also, after describing the removal process itself, I made a number of very important notes that I recommend to read before deleting my account in iCloud.


In fact, it is very easy to delete your iCoolud account (iCloud), you can do it, literally, in a few minutes. Do the following:

  • In order to delete a profile, take your gadget and go to the “Settings” section. The settings icon looks like a gray gear, I think it will not be difficult to find it on the desktop of a mobile gadget (iPhone from 4s, iPad, iPod);
  • Next, in order to delete, you need to find and go to the section called “iCloud”;
  • In the field that opens, you need to scroll through the screen below and find the “Exit” button, this will mean to delete, in fact;
  • Now, in order to successfully delete, you need to perform one simple operation - click on the “Exit” button - suitable for iOS above 7 (in the seventh and lower - the “Delete account” button;
  • All the actions described above are visualized using the screenshot below, look to make it easier to delete an account.

Remove iCloud from iphone

It's important

So that later, after deleting the aiklaud, you were not painfully hurt for lost data and media files, I recommend the following steps (if you don’t have important files on a mobile gadget running the iOS operating system, you can ignore the instructions below):

  • First of all, be sure to save all the images and photos from the photo stream (this is the folder into which all the photos you took) in other folders, such as albums. The photo stream should be empty or contain unnecessary images on the device (iPhone from 4s, iPad, iPod), because after deleting the aiklaud (iCloud) all files from this folder will be erased, without the possibility of later recovery;
  • If you are an iWork user, then all the documents that you created in this application, after deleting your iCloud account, will be permanently deleted. So I recommend saving all important documents to a computer;
  • Also, sometimes it happens that after deleting an iCloud account, some SMS messages are deleted. This should not be, however, we recommend that before deleting your account, make a backup copy of your SMS archive. Although, if you do not store important information in SMS messages, their loss will not be so important;
  • I recommend that you do the same with the media library on your mobile device. Make a backup of your videos so that, after removing iCloud, your videos are not lost;
  • After deletion, you can disappear all the records from notebooks and entries from the calendars.

Today I have everything, I really hope that this small training material was useful for you and you were able to delete your account in iCloud (iCloud) on your gadget (iPhone from 4s, iPad, iPod).

I would be grateful if you share a link to this lesson in your accounts on social networks. Also, if you have something to supplement this article, then you can use the commenting form from the social network vkontakte, located below. See you in the next lessons.

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