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Posted by: 20.05.2018

Hello everyone, owners of iPad tablet computers and iPhone mobile smartphones. Today we will touch on the topic of managing music files on your gadget, I will tell you how to delete music from iPhone and iPad without using for this purpose we will not use a personal computer and additional software - iTunes.

It is quite simple to delete music files from your iPhone and iPad mobile gadget; you can delete both individual files and whole albums.. The process of deleting music, I will show the example of the operating system iOS8. How much this instruction is suitable for the iOS operating system below the eighth - I can not say.

Delete one song

So, we proceed to the process of removing the song, so that everything goes smoothly and I recommend that you follow all previous gags exactly.:

  • Take you iPhone or iPad mobile gadget and launch the Music app.
  • Next, in the application, you need to find the song from the list of songs, and swipe left (swipe) on the screen.
  • You will have a red button with the test "Delete". To complete the process of deleting a song, click this button.

Delete one song from iOS

As you can see, everything is very simple, to delete the selected composition you do not need to perform complex actions. Now let me tell you how to delete an entire album or all the music tracks of a single artist.

Deleting an album or artist

The process of deleting an album or all tracks of a selected artist is very similar to the process of deleting a single song, but there are minimal differences. So, delete the album or all tracks of the selected artist:

  • Launch the Music application on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Next, go to the tab (tabs are selected at the bottom of the screen) “Albums” if you want to delete an album or tab “Artists” if you want to delete all tracks of the selected artist.
  • Select the desired album or artist and scroll left (svayp), you will have a red "Delete" button. To complete the delete operation, click this button.

Deleting an album from iOS

Also you can delete all the music from the device, do it, also, very simply for this you need: go to the device settings, then select the main items, select statistics, select the busy item, then select the storage item. Now you need to select the music item, on the item all the music, move left, to remove the device from the music, press the delete button.

For today this all, I hope, you know how to delete music from iPad or iPhone. I would be grateful if you leave a comment to this small, but undoubtedly useful note. To do this, you can use the comment form below. In order to be able to leave comments, you need to authorize (log in to your account on this social network) on the social network vkontakte.

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