Download music to iPhone or iPad over the Internet

Posted by: 08.11.2017

How to download music to iPhone or iPad via the InternetHello everyone, dear users of the iPhone or iPad. In today's, it seems to me, useful material we will touch on a very interesting and popular topic, namely the topic of downloading music to mobile iOS gadgets iPhone and iPad.

You can download music to your iPhone or iPad mobile device in two ways, namely, add music using iTunes using synchronization between your device’s media library and iTunes’s music library and downloading music from the Internet directly to your gadget. In this lesson I will consider the second option, as it seems to me that this is the easiest and most understandable way to download the music you need.

So, to download music to your mobile device - an iPhone smartphone or iPad tablet computer - we will use the MusicDL program. I must say that this the program is completely free and in order to download music you do not need to pay anything. You can download the Music DL program from the link that is published below.

Music dl

Before you start downloading music to your iPhone or iPad, you need to download and install the MusicDL application. To do this, from your device, follow this link - link - and install the application. I will not describe in detail the installation process as it is very simple and straightforward. After you add the application to your gadget, to download music, follow these steps:

  • Run the program. You will see the search string of musical compositions, as well as a list of the most downloaded and popular songs.
  • In the search box, enter the name of the song that you want to upload to your gadget. For example: “In The Shadows”. Also for the exact search you can add the name of the artist. For example: “In The Shadows rasmus”.
  • Download music using Music DL

  • After the necessary song is found, to download it, go to the downloadable tab (located at the bottom of the screen) and click the download button. The download of the song you need will begin.
  • Download music using Music DL

  • You can see the download process in the “Downloads” section at the bottom of the workspace of your iPhone or iPad.

All, the song is loaded, you can also add other music. To play it, you can use the player built into the program. Follow the steps to listen to the song.:

  • Go to the “Files” section, select the desired song and run it. / Li>
  • After the above action, the music player should open. Further, you can manage it as you wish. This player has all the features and capabilities of a standard iOS player.

Download music using Music DL

Today, this is all, I hope this article was helpful to you, and you were able to download the music you need.. If so, then you can share your opinion about this material in the comments to this small post. To do this, use the comment panel from the social network Vkontakte, which is located below.

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