What to do if the iPad or iPhone hangs

Posted by: 21.11.2017

Hangs iPad or iPhoneGreetings to you, dear user of Apple gadgets - an iPhone smartphone or iPad tablet computer, well, or both devices at the same time. In today's, undoubtedly, useful article I will tell you what to do if you have one of the devices listed above (iPad or iPhone).

By the way, for my entire work period (about a year), the iPhone hung only once, the iPad, in four years of work, hung twice. Whoever talks about Apple technology, no matter how it relates to it, but everyone acknowledges the obvious fact - they know how to make mobile gadgets at Apple. Yes, I think you yourself know it. But, if a similar unpleasant situation arose, then it is necessary to solve it.

So, below you can familiarize yourself with two ways to “reanimate” your iPhone or iPad in case it hangs. All methods are very simple and will not require any supernatural abilities or sophisticated software, even you will not need iTunes.

1 method

Let's imagine that your iPad or iPhone is stuck on any application. For example, you started the gaming application and during the game your gadget - iPad or iPhone - stopped responding to touch, to speak in simple language - hung. What will we do in this case?

In this case, I recommend that you do not take any radical action, but take the easy way. What should be done:

  • If the application is on your iPhone or iPad stuck and does not respond to touch, we just stop the process of his work on the device. You need to do this like this: double-click on the “Home” button;
  • Then select the hung application and stop it with a simple swipe up gesture. If you do not understand how to do this, then you can watch the video lesson above, in which I clearly showed and told everything.

This simple action can not only turn off hung applications, but also free up the memory of your iPhone or iPad from running applications, thus making the work of the gadget more stable and protect yourself from hanging. I recommend performing this procedure regularly.

Button Home and On / Off on iPad

2 method

We turn to more radical methods. Do not be afraid, nothing bad will happen to your Apple device. Rebooting is the surest way to “unplug” your iPhone or iPad if it hangs. So, your gadget is frozen, does not react to the touch, the “Home” button does not show any signs of life. What to do in this case, do the following:

  • Hold and hold the On / Off button. This button is located on top of your device. Thus, you will enter the gadget off mode.
  • After the above action turn off your iPhone or iPad. To do this, move the slider to “Off”.
  • After your device is turned off, turn it on, to do this, as well as in the previous step, hold down the On / Off button.

After performing this simple operation, you can use the gadget without any problems and freezes.

Today, this is all, I hope this small, but hopefully helpful, note has helped you. If your iPad or iPhone is hung up, you quickly solved this problem..

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