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Posted by: 30.12.2017

FB2 Reader for iPad and iPhoneHello everyone, dear users of great gadgets - iPhone and iPad. When you bought your iPad or iPhone, you most likely planned to read various e-books on it. I'm right? I will say even more, the majority of iPad users (iPhone is not suitable for reading books) bought this tablet computer precisely in order to read e-books on it.

The iPad is just like an iPhone smartphone that can read almost all formats of e-books (ePub, PDF, FB2). But there is one catch here, in order to “teach” the gadget to understand the various formats of e-books, you need to use different programs. Most newbies use iBooks. Yes, this is a great reader program, but it works with a small number of formats - ePub (native format of iPhone and iPad) and PDF. For example, the application cannot work with the popular FB2 format.

I tried to select for you the best program for reading books in the format FB2. I did not make the TOP-3 compilation, but instead, I selected one single program - in my opinion, the best. The reader is called KyBook. Moreover, such a functional program is distributed free of charge, it is very good. Several reasons why I chose this particular program for the iPhone and iPad, and not what else:

  • Formats. In addition to the format FB2, this reader works with a bunch of other formats of electronic books. I thought that this opportunity would not be superfluous.
  • Work with catalogs and libraries. The reader can be used as a navigator for electronic libraries connected to it.
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface. I also believe that a good program is always distinguished by its ease of use on the iPhone and iPad. Not everyone wants to deal with incomprehensible software, even if it is at least ten times useful and functional.

So, go to the review of the program itself..


You can download the KyBook program here. link. I want to remind you that this reader is free. In it, of course, there is a built-in purchase, but the Lite version is enough for comfortable reading.

In order to download the program directly to your iPad or iPhone, you need to follow the link suggested above directly from your iPad or iPhone device. After the transition, the AppStore will open where you can add a reader to your mobile iOS gadget with a single click.


Go to the review of the interface of the program KyBook. As I have already said, the program is very easy to learn, you do not need to be “seven spans in the forehead” to start using it, besides it does an excellent job with FB2. But, nevertheless, I decided to tell you about its main features and walk through its interface. Below you can see the main program window: on the left is the navigation menu, on the right is the work area.

KyBook interface

  • Navigation menu. Used to control the ass in the program KyBook. The topmost menu displays the entire list of your “bookshelves” and a list of recent downloads. Below are a list of menus allowing you to connect various FB2 online libraries.
  • Workspace. Here is a list of books, the bookshelf that you have selected in the navigation menu.

Setting up the KyBook interface

Navigation menus can be easily edited: remove bookshelves, add bookshelves. To do this, click on the pencil image on top, you will open the editing panel. Use it to create the navigation atmosphere you like..


Setting up the KyBook program

Now let's talk a little about setting up the program for you. Setting up is also easy, in just a few seconds. So, click on the gear icon at the top of the navigation pane, then I will give you an explanation of several settings items that I think are most important.:

  • Rotation lock. A very useful feature, so that when reading while lying down (as is usually the case with me), the screen does not spontaneously turn over.
  • Theme, font, markup. I think the names speak for themselves. Adjust all these parameters for yourself so that you can conveniently read e-books.

Where to get free books

You downloaded the program, made all the necessary settings, and, which is completely logical, the question pops up: “Where can I get the FB2 books that I will read now”. Below I will tell you about one wonderful library that I use myself and recommend to you. Let's start:

  • Launch Safari browser on your iPad and iPhone and enter the following address in the address bar -
  • Site

  • We select the necessary book. To do this, use the search or list by genre. Next, on the page of your chosen book, look for the “Download” button and press it.
  • Downloading a book from Litmir

  • A window will open in which select the item “Open in KyBook”. After that, the downloaded book will open in the program KyBook reader.

Happy reading.

That's all, do not forget to comment on the article. Hope you liked it.

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    Dmitry, what do you recommend to use for audiobooks on the iPhone? So that you can listen in parallel with several preserving progress and the ability to change the playback speed