DJVU on iPad and iPhone. What to open?

Posted by: 03.10.2018

DJVU on iPad and iPhoneGreetings to you, dear users, I hope that - happy users of mobile devices based on the iOS operating system, namely iPad and iPhone gadgets. Today, we will talk about the readers and readers, namely, programs for reading DJVU books and documents on the iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to open DJVU on iPad and iPhone without using third-party applications..

Let's start by telling you what the DJVU format is. DJVU is a book or document consisting solely of images, most often - the scanned pages of a book or document. The format has recently gained immense popularity among schoolchildren and students, because most of the textbooks and manuals available on the Internet are in this format.

Below you can see the TOP selection of programs, readers (reader). I selected the below TOP according to the following parameters:

  • Functionality and omnivorous. Besides the fact that the program should be able to open files in DJVU format, it is desirable that it “knows how” to work with other formats of electronic books. The more, the better;
  • Clear interface. The program, in addition to omnivorous, should have an intuitive interface. It should be implemented the function of creating directories and sorting books: alphabetically, by author, by genre;
  • Pleasant appearance. In addition to all of the above functions and features, the program should have a pleasant appearance and thoughtful design. Reader should be fun when using it.

So now go directly to the very TOP'u. Links to programs are under the headings. To download the program, you need to click on the appropriate link.


A program for reading djvu on ipad - Stanza
One of the most popular readers for iPad tablet and iPhone smartphone. It has, indeed, great functionality. Of all the useful possibilities, of course, I highlighted the following:

  • The reader works with a very large number of different formats of electronic books, including the DJVU format. No wonder this application is called omnivorous, in fact, the way it is;
  • The program is free. I think this item is the most important for fans to use free software;
  • If you want to download to your device (iPad or iPhone), really, a good and omnivorous program, then feel free to download this reader.

The download link is above..

Book Reader Lite

Link to the program

A program for reading djvu on ipad - Book Reader Lite
Another interesting tool for reading (reading) documents and e-books on your mobile device based on the operating system iOS - Book Reader Lite. I want to note the following interesting features of this tool.:

  • The ability to sort and organize books in the program Book Reader Lite. I, in general, believe that this is one of the most necessary functions of any program for reading electronic books (reader). Each “self-respecting” reader must, a priori, have similar functionality;
  • It is possible to print the document you need. Agree, a very useful feature for those who like to read “from the sheet”;
  • The search function in the program Book Reader Lite will allow you to find the necessary word or phrase in the downloaded, in the program, electronic books and documents.

The link, as in the previous case, is under the heading above..

DjVu Book Reader

Link to the program

A program for reading djvu on ipad - DjVu Book Reader
This time we will consider a paid tool for reading DJVU files on gadgets: iPad and iPhone - DJVU Book Reader. The reader is “sharpened” just for opening DJVU files, so everything is displayed correctly and without unnecessary elements. I will note some of its useful features.:

  • In the DJVU Book Reader application, as well as in previous programs, the possibility of systematization and cataloging of all loaded books and documents is implemented;
  • In DJVU Book Reader, integration with cloud storage services is implemented;
  • Supports Wi-Fi transfer to iPad and iPhone.

Today, this is all, I hope you have chosen the right tool for your iPad or iPhone and managed to open the document you need on it..

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    Azbuka (7.10.2018 05: 05)

    Excellent, paid inexpensive reader DjVu files on the tablet iPad. This program can not only read files of this format, but also sort them, decompose by category, search by text and much more.

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