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Posted by: 18.03.2018

Photo translator for iPad and iPhoneGreetings to you, dear user and, no doubt, a fan of gadgets based on the iOS operating system - iPhone and iPad. In today's, small material we will talk about a wonderful tool that appeared on smartphones relatively recently, but has already gained great popularity among users. A tool we will talk about today - a photo translator.

With this tool you can translate any text in seconds, simply by taking a picture of it.

Agree very conveniently, especially when you are traveling. I made for you a selection of photo translators for iOS (iPhone and iPad), which will allow you to choose the right tool for yourself. I selected each photo translator according to the following principles.:

  • Functionality. By this term, I mean the available features of a photo translator. The more a tool has features, the more useful they are, the better the program is, in my opinion.
  • Ease of use. I do not really like it, I think that no one likes it when the application is very inconvenient or difficult to use. Therefore, I selected programs that are as easy to use as possible.
  • Appearance. I don’t know how this item fits the photo translator, but, in my opinion, any program should have a good, thoughtful, pleasant appearance, i.e. design.

So let's go to the collection. Links to all the suggested tools in the selection can be found in the description for each photo translator. Attention: in order to immediately download the necessary photo translator to your mobile gadget, I recommend to follow the suggested links directly from it.


Link to the application

Photo translator for iPad and iPhone - iSignTranslate
A good iOS photo translator application that allows you to quickly and easily translate signs just by taking a picture of them. I want to note that this application was made by our compatriot with you, which, as it were, implies that it is best to use it for translation into Russian. Of all the features of this application, I would like to note the following three:

  • Translation is carried out from all popular European languages;
  • The application is free, although it is possible to make purchases of additional language packages;
  • The application is regularly updated, which in conjunction with its Russian production can not but rejoice.

You can download this photo translator via the link above the title..


Link to the application

Photo translator for iPad and iPhone - Lingvo
Translator, photo translator, dictionary is generally a universal tool for iOS - iPhone and iPad. If you want a program that has everything at once, then use this tool. Of the features I note the following:

  • High speed text translation;
  • Built-in exercises for memorizing English words;
  • A large number of languages ​​to translate.

A link to iOS (iPhone, iPad) application can be found above in the text..

Photo translate

Link to the application

Photo translator for iPad and iPhone - Photo Translate
Simple easy apps for your iphone and iPad. Of the possibilities I will note the following:

  • Fast translation;
  • Available in a large number of languages;
  • Manual translation mode.

Today, this is all, I hope you have chosen a suitable iOS (iPhone and iPad) tool for yourself - photo translator.

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