Review of programs for recording conversations on iPhone

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Most people in our society at least once faced with the need to record a certain conversation. The most vivid example is the press conferences with journalists and their tape recorders. Here, in principle, everything is simple: turn on the recording device (on any mobile phone it is present) and enjoy what is happening around. Quite another is the situation when it is necessary to record the contents of a telephone conversation, for example, using an iPhone. Not only is this a controversial process in terms of ethics and law, it also requires the use of certain software, which, strictly speaking, will be discussed further.

Pros and cons

When it comes to audio recording of a public conversation, for example, the same lecture at a university or a press conference, there is no moral, ethical and legal conflict. This format of communication of people involves the exchange of information, which is aimed at a wide audience, has an educational message, public response, the need to disseminate. Such a conversation is not a secret, so its fixation is quite appropriate.

Another thing, when there is a need to record a telephone conversation. This is a purely personal space, where certain moral, ethical and even legal restrictions begin to operate. Not for nothing, only the court can give a sanction for official wiretapping with a view to expanding the evidence base, even to law enforcement agencies.

When it comes to smartphones iPhone, which are supplied to our market from the United States, we have to take into account the fact that Apple complies with the requirements of US law. It unequivocally prohibits the recording of telephone conversations, unless the second interlocutor is notified of this. Therefore, in such mobile gadgets, you can not even look for a hint of such functions, in contrast to European and Chinese competitors, where this opportunity is realized quite legally.

Existing audio recording methods

As already mentioned above, not a single iPhone has a full-fledged program on its board that allows you to record an incoming or outgoing call. Nevertheless, the iOS operating system, like its main competitor Android, allows you to install applications that significantly extend the basic functionality of the gadget.

All software from this category can be divided into two large groups:

  1. Официальные. These are applications that can be found in free access on the AppStore servers. Each of them has limited functionality, for example, the ability to record on the iPhone only an outgoing call or voice notification of the parties to the conversation about its audio recording;
  2. Full. This is a group of applications that were not developed by Apple, and their installation is possible only after hardware hacking of the iOS operating system. They have full functionality, but you need to use them at your own risk and risk - the developer, as a rule, completely disclaims responsibility for possible legal conflicts of such a decision.

Next, we consider in more detail the brightest representatives of each of the groups.

Official Apple Technology

The first completely legal application from Apple that allows you to record a telephone conversation is the iPhone Recorder. You can download and install it on the gadget through the official AppStore service. Its main function is still sound recording, like a voice recorder. If you believe the reviews, then the program copes with this task with a bang.

In addition, it is possible to record in the memory of the smartphone and the contents of the telephone conversation. It should be noted that in this regard, the functionality is still limited, since it will be possible to save only the outgoing conversation. The program itself also allows you to listen to the audio track or send to the specified email box.

The second example of official software is GoogleVoice. This software is from the eponymous company - a monopolist of the IT market. Its main feature is voice informing of both parties about its forthcoming record. It is impossible to disable this feature - in this way the company software developer guarantees compliance with legal regulations. Registration and selection of program settings will have to be conducted through the official website, as well as downloading or wiretapping recorded sound tracks.

Another representative of the legal group is the iPadio app. It can also be downloaded from the AppStore servers. When installing, you must specify the contact details (mobile number, e-mail, country). When making a call, you need to click on the "MergeCalls" button that appears in the corner. The recorded conversation file is stored in the phone’s memory with reference to the location of the program’s profile.

Review of programs for recording conversations on iPhone

Full software

You can remove any restrictions through the procedure of hacking the iOS operating system, which in the iPhone users environment is called “jailbreak” or “jailbreak” (literally, “jailbreak”). After the user gets unlimited access to the system, he can install on the gadget not only native applications via the AppStore, but also third-party applications using the Cydia platform.

A prominent representative of this group of software is the AudioRecorder utility. Based on the fact that in many countries, recording a telephone conversation on an iPhone or another gadget is an offense, developers completely distance themselves from the responsibility for using their offspring in practice. After installation, a pop-up window will appear, in which there will be relevant information and a dialog to accept or reject such conditions. Only after an affirmative answer the program will start working.

The application allows you to record in automatic and manual (confirmation is required each time) modes. Finished files are stored in the phone’s memory. Along the way, they are sorted by time and type of call (incoming or outgoing). The file can also be saved on a PC or sent to an e-mail.

Among the restrictions, you can highlight support for saving only one parallel call - if during a conversation there will be another incoming call, it is not recommended to answer it.

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